Songs on Saturday ~ Glen Miller

Sowohl für die Verbündeten als auch für Deutschland
wird es der längste Tag, der längste Tag

27,760 days ago, Allied Air Power made the landings on the beaches of Normandy possible.  It was the longest day.

Please listen with respect.


jack collier


of course on June 6th 1944, these aircraft would have worn invasion stripes

4 responses

  1. A marvelous collection of the war birds photos, and Glen Miller, well it doesn’t get any better. Thank you, sir, for a most enjoyable post. (My father flew B29’s in the war)

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    1. You are very welcome. 😉 I am glad you liked this post.
      I have heard that the B29 could be unforgiving.


  2. LOVE it! 💗😃

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    1. Some cool aircraft to go with a very cool tune. 😉

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