Random Jottings ~ Do Not…

do not make a movie starring children

unless it’s Jodie Foster


do not start a land war in Asia


do not trash your own place of work


do not just want to survive, want to live


do not ever think you are too old to be young


do not attempt to solve all your problems at once


do not be fooled by someone’s commonplace appearance

it’s what’s inside that counts


do not live your life to please others, the choices must be yours


jack collier


do not tell me I can’t do it

do not tell me it can’t be done

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    1. Thanks Sweetheart ❤


  1. Terrific! 💕

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    1. Thanks Sweetheart 💞

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  2. All Wonderful words to live by!

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate that. 💖

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      1. We need more positivity in this time, and always!

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