Home Alone

for many, the greatest fear is abandonment

I am pretty certain that over the past couple of months there have been more people living mostly at home, alone and isolated, than ever before.  All of the reasons for people being abandoned at home and alone are related to the COVID-19 virus.  At best they could be working from home, and / or suffering lockdown, quarantine, self isolation.  Many will have lost their jobs, or in the UK have been furloughed, or been unable to work at their business because of the lockdown.  There may be more tragic reasons such as a severe illness or death.

Whatever the reason, being at home alone and isolated from physical social contact, is bad.  It will make people very sick; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  People suffering solitary confinement, (and effectively having to be at home alone is solitary confinement), become depressed and distressed.  They will suffer insomnia, either be unable to eat or eat far too much, they may drink too much, use drugs too much, and feel so exhausted they can’t or don’t want to do anything.  People in that state stop looking after themselves, don’t wash, shower, shave, clean their teeth, or get properly dressed ~ maybe they wear the same dirty stuff day after day.  They may have thoughts of hurting themselves or others, they might go out and kill someone, loot stores, set fire to cars…..

Being at home alone and isolated touches the greatest fear most people have ~ that of abandonment.  It’s a deep childhood fear, an abandoned child will quickly and certainly die, and our innermost psyche remembers that visceral fear.

There are some solutions, but none of them are easy, particularly for someone who has already suffered serious physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual decline.

What we need to do is;

  • Go outside.  And I don’t give a flying fuck what the rules and guidelines and official advice says, we all need to get outside into the fresh air and natural daylight.
  • Get some exercise.  And I don’t care how bad you feel. You’ve got to walk, do yoga, find an exercise routine on YouTube…. but do something to get your muscles and blood moving.
  • Have  strict routine.  Get up at the same reasonable time every fucking day, get clean and dressed, have breakfast, do something positive or your job maybe, have lunch at the same fucking time every day, do something positive then prepare dinner.  Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Eat healthily, don’t drink, smoke, or indulge your other nasty habits too much.  Take good nutritional supplements.  Especially vitamins B, C and D, along with iron, magnesium, zinc, and a good fish oil.
  • Stay away from depressing news, and keep well away from social media.  Instead reach out to your family and friends.  Telephone, Skype, email, chat, write a fucking blog…..  But don’t be alone, even if you can’t be together.

Some say that lockdown and social distancing are there to keep us safe.  And that they can start living again when all these restrictions are lifted.  All I know is that life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, make the most of it.


jack collier



refuse to be a prisoner

4 responses

  1. I admit to an irrational fear when I went to the church service in the park last Sunday. First time I’d seen that many people in one place in months. And there weren’t that many, people were all spread out, families were the only ones sitting together. Being alone is normal for me, I am glad I see my family a couple of hours a day and I always know, pretty much, where they are.
    The one thing I do not like is this stupid feel good and then feel like crap yo yo thing that changes every single day. I’m almost afraid to get up sometimes because I dont’ know how long I’ll feel good or what I can get done before I feel crappy again!
    Dressing is always a good thing, I never run around all day in jammies. Rarely do I wear sweat pants. I always wear earrings, they help make me feel better!

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    1. Kris, considering everything we’re both doing pretty well. I’m not nervous about going out or mixing with a lot of people, but I will confess to being easily irritated by the silly and inconsiderate things some do. A bunch of young mothers with strollers is the worst for me. What’s that about?
      I’m back into looking smart and maybe a bit preppy. I confess to spending days in the same grubby sweats.
      Making an effort does make us feel better.
      Love and Hugs Kris. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Excellent assessment of the dismal situation so many have endured…and great suggestions! Especially the last line. Well done, Mr. Collier! 💗

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    1. Thank you Jan 😎💖🌹

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