Random Jottings ~ Sucess

start each day badly, and you wave success goodbye


to be fulfilled, turn work into play


Expert:  a complete drip under pressure


never trust an expert who has never done a proper hard day’s work


emotional intelligence is an essential ingredient of a balanced successful life


to be successful, to stand out from the crowd, do the exact opposite of what most people are doing


jack collier



getting drunk only turns you into an overnight success in your own eyes

3 responses

  1. Sometimes advanced emotional intelligence is a problem all it’s own. 😘

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    1. You know I’d never even thought if that.
      Maybe there are two kinds of highly intelligent people ~ those who can only see their own opinion, and always have to be right…..
      And people who always try to understand the other guy’s point of view, and can temper their IQ / EQ with knowing what it’s like to be on the receiving end….
      Or am I way off? 😉 ❤

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      1. I think you’re bang on it, my friend ❤️

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