Bucket and To Do List.

help me to risk failure that I may discover new things

not many will know where that sunset picture was taken

It’s kind of stultifying here in the garret, in theory I’m only supposed to go out if it’s absolutely necessary, or for my daily fresh air and exercise.  I can’t really leave town, and I certainly can’t leave the country at the moment, but as soon as this imbecilic and pointless lockdown is lifted, I am out of here, doing some cool and exciting things.  Although, I can make a start on some of my list right now, ergo I have made a beginning on;

  1. Get myself much fitter and healthier, looking and feeling better.  My preferred exercise is just plain walking; for me it exercises my body, mind, and spirit.  Walking gives me time to think and quiet my emotions.  My daily target is 5 miles, (10,000 paces as recommended by lots of fitness gurus), this morning I walked 10 miles, (20,240 paces) in the fresh air and sunshine, getting my knees brown.
  2. Be a better friend to those I really care about.  Lose all of those defects of character I have collected over time.  Be the English Gentleman, The White Night, The Steadfast Friend, and the Hero if I need to ever be that for a friend.  Hey, I’m working on it.
  3. Get out of this place.  I like travel, and I can afford both the time and the money.  Just as soon as I can I’m going to California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Crete, Malta…..  Probably in just about that order.  I’d better leave room for Marmaduke in my luggage…..
  4. Buy a car.  For years I’ve gotten bye with renting when I needed a car, but now I want to go out and buy something I really like.  I have a short-list, and a generous budget.  It will be a classic, so an older vehicle.
  5. Go through my clothes, shoes and stuff again.  Dump anything that doesn’t really fit the cool, together, classy English guy I want to dress as, to portray.  I can think of some stuff that I should never have bought, and I should never wear again.
  6. Learn something new, interesting, and difficult.  I think I’m going to be studying practical psychology for a while, along with astronomy and astrology.
  7. ??????  I don’t know what goes here, not yet anyway.  All lists should have clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

I should never be afraid to risk failure.  WTF have I got to lose?  Only by risking failure will I ever learn new and exciting things.  It’s time for me to take risks ~ big risks.

Some say that making lists is a pointless exercise.  And that nobody ever does anything on their bucket list or to do lists.  All I know is I’ve already made a start on becoming that better man, that very cool guy, living a really great life.


jack collier


Meteor Crater

One place I will Never go back to

7 responses

  1. […] I tried to come up with a bucket and to-do list that had 7 important things on it, and I got stuck after 6, which you will see if you look back at […]


  2. Excellent — many of those words we can all live by! 💗

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    1. I do the right things when I can. ❤

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  3. Great list! I like making lists even if it’s for mundane things. Feels good to cross something off the list that I’ve accomplished 🙂

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    1. Smiling at you and for you mermaid. ☺😎😘

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  4. I wish you the very best of luck, Jack👍👍

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    1. Thanks Martina 🌹🌹🌹

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