We’ll Meet Again

and there’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover

During WWII the Germans had the overtly sexual Marlene Dietrich singing Lili Marlene, which was the unofficial anthem of the Afrika Korps.  We had the wholesome Forces Sweetheart, Vera Lynn.  Kind of says a lot about out differing national characteristics.

Dame Vera Lynn is now 103, and she is still almost as big an inspiration to Englishmen of a certain age as is the Queen.

Please listen with respect.


jack collier



after a girl has pushed an ambulance up a sand dune, she deserves a cold beer



11 responses

  1. Actually … one of the songs on the recent Stranger Things series was … this. Hearing it the first time sent me back to the mid-90s, when I heard a Pink Floyd song beginning “Does anybody hear remember Vera Lynn?”

    My teenaged self would be quite surprised to hear how everything here worked out.

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    1. It’s called ‘spooky connections’ Sweetheart ❤


  2. When women rise, nations follow… Love this. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You are welcome Ariel 😉
      Our Queen is 93, and is still the beating heart of England. ❤


  3. Nostalgic… a heartfelt time, heartfelt remembrance….

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    1. If you were in the desert, or the jungle, or on the North Atlantic convoys, Vera Lynn was a touch of home. ❤

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  4. This is very lovely Jack. Thank u for remembering💫 Btw…my father loved to sing Lili Marlene and had a thing for Marlene Dietrich 😉🙏

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    1. Thank YOU Sweetheart. Dietrich was Hot 💕


        1. Perhaps hinting at BDSM too ❤

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          1. Like BettyPage 🥀🖤

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