Ancient Roman Sayings Every Man Should Know

cogito, ergo sum


a healthy mind in a healthy body


do not burn your bridges behind you


don’t let the bastards grind you down


there is no such thing as pure pleasure


lightning most often strikes the highest tower


you are never less alone than when you are alone


lustfulness and fear are the proofs of a degenerate mind


every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end


jack collier


plenam lunam dura est domina

the full moon is a harsh mistress

2 responses

  1. The third saying didn’t sound like Romans 🙂


    1. a fairly literal translation into Latin is ‘noli illigitimi carborundum est….’ which every grammar school boy learns about the same time as he learns ‘amo mensam’ which means I love a table…. basic noun basic verb ❤


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