Tunes on Tuesday ~ Message In A Bottle

I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world

Alone, trapped, scared of being alone, at least I can walk on the beach.

If you too are trapped, write to me, put your message in a bottle, chuck your message to me into the sea, or a river, or a stream ~ the Cosmos will see that it’s delivered.

Please listen without despair.


jack collier

just don’t empty your bottle too quickly

9 responses

  1. I’ve always wondered about messages in bottles. I’m sure mine would always end up back where it was tossed!

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    1. With another message saying; ‘not known at this address’ 😎💖

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      1. giggle snorted

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        1. why is that sexy? ❤


          1. your comments. They just made me laugh!

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  2. *these feelings so well

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  3. This…is so…good. Omg. I’ll reblog it when I get back up. It’s atmospheric and eerie and dreamy. It’s exactly how I feel during quarantine. You wrote these things so well.

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    1. Thanks Sweetheart ❤🌹💖

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