Rain On Me

into every life a little rain must fall

Maybe I’ve been spreading things a little thin lately, because I seem to be living in a thunderstorm.  Maybe this track by The Who says it.

And yet, I know that I am loved, and that there are some people I care for.

Please listen without getting wet.


jack collier


only a fool goes out in the rain

maybe I’m a fool

6 responses

  1. A little rain is good for the soul, it washes the cobwebs away.


    1. You are right Sunshine Girl 🌹

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  2. Some people may not know when to come in from the rain, but singing in the rain is fun 🙂

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    1. Sometimes being out in the rain IS fun. Kisses and hugs Mermaid 💖

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  3. May the sun soon chase away that rain … 💕

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    1. I hope so sweetheart 😎

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