The Infinite Pain of Love

sex, lust, and desire cannot pain ~ only love hurts

In all my life I have never had a one-night-stand, picked up a woman at a bar, had sex with a woman who wasn’t first a friend, nor had a long-term relationship with a woman I didn’t love.  I wish I had.

I wish I had been one of those guys who could just fuck a woman and then forget her.  Or have a relationship with a woman who meant nothing to me.  Or cheated, lied, and manipulated…..

Deep in my heart I wish I wasn’t romantic, and that I didn’t have to fall in love before I would think about sleeping with an attractive woman.

Without Love, Life would have been so much easier.

For me, falling in love lasts for all eternity.

For me, being deeply hurt lasts forever.

I wish I was the average bastard.


jack collier

not all older women should be proud of sleeping with lots of much younger men

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