Relationships, Friendships, and Love

I can’t stop loving you, no matter how hard I try

A couple of times in my life I’ve met someone I’ve really liked, and through spending time with her, becoming friends, having a relationship, I’ve found myself being in love.  Not on purpose, not because that was what I wanted, not because it was easy, not because she was perfect, and not because she was the girl next door.  Perhaps it was just meant to be.

Not all love lasts, but if you have ever truly been in love then you know that you first and most of all you are friends.  True friendship lasts forever.

And so, these are the thoughts I have about being in love.

  • Some say that you are lucky to find love even once in your life, so always hold her close, don’t ever let her go.
  • Let your the light of your love shine, even in the worst of times.
  • Even on the darkest of days her love makes every cloud carry a sliver lining.
  • You both enjoy the warm sunshine and the cold rain, just so long as you are together.
  • Whatever she says, whatever she does, she makes you happy.
  • You always tell her the truth, the whole truth, spoken and written from your heart and soul.
  • When she needs you, you are there for her, steadfast and true.  And she is always there for you.
  • If the road gets tougher, if times get hard, if life is difficult, then you love each other more.
  • When you are going somewhere together, no matter how late she is, you are happy to wait for her.
  • When she’s not there you miss her desperately, and you think about her always.  You dream of her.
  • You are happy to hold hands in public.
  • You listen when she speaks, and never talk over her.
  • You will be her steadfast friend, always, no matter what.
  • Even if she is a siren on the road to Hell, you desire her anyway.

Not all of the above is always true, not all of the time.


jack collier

when you are in love

she is your sunrise

21 responses

  1. Jack… A little secret. My first loves name was Jack. Tall, dark and handsome, a cad too. Disregarded my feelings and ruined my poor heart. I was 18. Ill always have a soft spot for him…

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    1. 18 is far too young to have your heart broken.
      Hugs and Kisses ❤❤❤


      1. Thank you Jack.
        All that time ago, I followed your blog because your name is Jack. 😋

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  2. I believe love and relationships are preordained! 🐬💦

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  3. This is just beautiful Jack💞 This girl is very very lucky. Hope she knows and understands u 😊

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  4. Thought provoking–for either gender.

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    1. I’m just your average, insensitive guy. Maybe. ❤

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      1. You’re not insensitive… 💕

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          1. You can always email me. To elizareasonstolive at gmail

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          2. I feel ur pain dear Jack. I hope that when u have parted it was a decent part. A dignified one, treated as a special human as u r with respect. As a friend should always treat u this way as they care about u, how u feel and be there for u as well 💞

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      2. naw…you couldn’t be. Because this makes sense for anyone.

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    2. I only do one gender Kris. M😉

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  5. I love your blog tagline…

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    1. Gee, thank you Eliza. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. A great post … and the photo comment was a brilliant summary. Very well done. 💕

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    1. Thanks Jan 💞💞💞

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  7. Beautiful statements about love!

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    1. Thanks Christine. 💖
      I’m just a guy, so I’m glad I haven’t totally missed the point.

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      1. No not at all. It’s lovely.

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