Tunes on Tuesday ~ The Animals

it’s official ~ lockdown causes insanity

I’ve got to get out of the garret.  I’m physically comfortable and safe here, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually I’m hurting.  There is serious concern for the mental health of people feeling trapped and lonely during this present medical emergency.  It seems that lockdown / self-isolation isn’t good for the soul.

It’s not even as though I can stay in touch with my friends on-line because my internet is very flaky.  Presumably there are no engineers working to fix whatever is going wrong.

This song is pretty heartfelt for me.

Please listen sympathetically.


jack collier

this is what self-isolation is doing to me

6 responses

  1. Decades ago this was my anthem. Thanks for the memories…..

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    1. I can guess why. 😎

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  2. I agree that isolation is difficult. However, the alternative of becoming ill is more serious. Stay safe!

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    1. I don’t intend to go within 6 feet of anyone else.

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  3. Timely post – best wishes for the healing of your internet, and for lots of virtual company ’til they spring us all. 💕

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    1. Jan, I’m breaking out. I’m going stir-crazy here. ❤


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