Lockdown Breakdown

the English do not like being told what to do

The ‘National Lockdown’ already seems to be falling apart here in England, as I strongly suspected it would.

As it’s a reasonably nice day here I took myself out for a long stroll, (which is kind of not allowed).  For a Saturday morning; there were an average number of cars on the road, people were strolling in groups of 3 or more, and there were passengers on the buses.  Of the three supermarkets I passed, there was only a small queue outside one of them.  This is not what lockdown is supposed to look like.  We are all supposed to be isolated in our own home, or standing in line for an hour or so just to shop for ‘essential items’.

Of course it does not help that Mr Plod the Policeman has been seen behaving in his usual crass, overly officious manner when it comes to telling people they can’t sit on the beach, or let their children play in their own front yard, or do solitary yoga in the park.  I think the killer when it comes to police stupidity was when some senior police officers said they would be checking shopping carts to ensure that people were only buying ‘essential items’.  FFS!  The police have no authority to enforce a lockdown.  But people in uniform like telling the public what to do.

Neither does it help when government officials and ministers are seen to be utterly ignoring their own rules.  Nor when the BBC is pumping out a continuous stream of propaganda about staying at home, keeping safe, and protecting the NHS.

It seems that few English people believe this mendacious coronavirus crap any more.


jack collier


I should be there, and not here

if there were still airlines flying

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  1. My neighbours just had friends turn up with Easter eggs and stayed for good 30 mins! Am in despair…..

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    1. It’s our own responsibility to protect ourselves from infection. What other people do is up to them. Visiting anyone who has children is surely wrong.
      Amanda, I really liked your most recent recipe for baked chicken cordon bleu. ❤


      1. I’ve always been bit of rebel rules always ment be broken or shouldn’t make rules. Can’t arrest. Me for what i think . Uk always had freedom of speech. This was a free country. Now turning into Russia . I take bets on now shops got lined up apart. We be still lining up at Christmas as both my sons works for large corporate stores. Not government who tolds us line up ot shop mangers so still make money but what forgotten is lots small independent grocery shops still out there. Need support them also . I don’t say much but hayho. Crack on world in twightlight zone

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