Go Shopping? Stand In Line

we may ask you to wait outside the store

This morning I decided to break the coronavirus lockdown, and take a stroll via the post office and one of the local supermarkets.

The post office wasn’t much of a problem, but the supermarket was another matter.  The queue outside the store, of people waiting to get in, stretched 450 yards around the parking lot.  I know it was 450 yards because there were helpful markings painted six feet apart on the tarmac, (blacktop).

Conveniently for my sense of rightness it took me exactly 45 minutes to get into the store.  You know what, if I didn’t really, really need some fresh fruit and vegetables I would have just given up and gone home.  But, it’s also Easter Weekend so all the stores are closed tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday, so if I didn’t get some fresh food today I’d be eating out of cans all over the holiday.

Inside the store was empty, so WTF was making everyone stand in line outside all about?  I’m beginning to think that the government, health officials, doctors, police, and big business are making life as difficult as possible for the ordinary man and woman in the street ~ just to prove that they can.

One can’t even go to the pub to complain and drown one’s sorrows, because all the pubs and bars are shut.

Cynicism is beginning in me.


jack collier


I have a new plan;

Fuck It

9 responses

  1. i honestly feel your pain 😂

    whats the new plan though?


  2. Sometimes Jack, sometimes we need to take a breath and look around. And see most of us feel the same way anger frustration a little rage. Then it passes. Then we are ok. You too will get passed your anger.

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    1. I’m better now Sweetheart. 😉
      Thank you for caring about me. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. The social-distancing rules are in place for a reason–to save lives. The supermarket employees are putting their own lives at risk to help others get what they need. Some have died from the virus.

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    1. You’re right. Many public service employees have died. 14 London Bus drivers so far.
      I was feeling cynical due to my own tiredness.

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      1. It’s really easy to get aggravated now 🙂 I ended up having to place a supermarket order online. And then I have to clean each item thoroughly to put my mind at ease 😀

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        1. Yep, the virus can easily be on the outside of bottles, jars, packets 😕

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  4. Great plan! (You peeked at my copybook 😁😉💕📝🌵🌴

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