Very Poorly

the corona virus is a very nasty illness indeed

It’s been a very tough week. I have been very ill, but I am recovering now.

As long as I could breathe I just isolated myself at home.  Ordinary mortals who aren’t in intensive care are not tested for the virus, we just have to get better at home.  I’ve had a fever, bad dreams, headache, coughing, feeling sick, short of breath, really tired.

Yesterday I felt  utterly terrible, but I feel a lot better today.

I believe I will be just about back to normal tomorrow.


Jack Collier

This is about how I feel today.

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  1. I’m wondering if I have had this. I feel ok in the morning, except for being incredibly dizzy and ill when I sit up. By evening, I’m wiped out and sick as a dog..or cat..or whatever!
    I’m glad you are getting better.


  2. Good to hear from you, Jack! ❤️


  3. May you recovered soon!
    Stay strong and positive🙏

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  4. Sending healing energy 🙂

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  5. So good to know you’re recovering. Prayers ascend as do best wishes.

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  6. Glad you are feeling better Jack

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  7. Praying for your wellbeing dear friend. God is with you.

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