Random Jottings #7

it’s always the car ~ hot women love a cool jaguar


he was enchanted by her beautiful angel eyes

he was enthralled by her lascivious witch’s mouth

he was utterly lost to her when she danced in his mind


‘Do you love me?  he asked…..

but he knew in his heart that whatever she said would be a lie

‘No….’ she replied


Black is a good colour on a woman, or a car

both of them are expensive

if you have to choose, black silk is the better


jack collier


another brilliant disguise

and not every woman can wear black



7 responses

  1. Taupe works if accessorized: a choker…a silken tie…all manner of things…💞👠

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    1. Hardly any men know what colour taupe is anyway. ❤

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  2. Not every man appreciates black. 💋


    1. Truth ❤
      Red is cool too.

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      1. Any color can work when she wears it correctly.

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          1. Au natural can be the Best, if it’s worn with the proper intent.

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