Created by Storms – Awareness

My good friend Rhapsody said some good things about me on her blog today.
I am most grateful and very honoured.

Rhapsody Bohème

A beautiful picture stolen from my dear friend Jack who today’s shoutout goes to. You didn’t honestly think I wouldn’t include you in this series of celebration, did you now?

Jack has long been a soul brother to me, an Englishman walking the warriors path towards the ultimate truth as he puts it into his own words. A path we have shared together on many occasions, of which I’m grateful for that he was there.

Sometimes the reasons as to why we find ourselves on that warrior path might be different from each other, but the path itself is very much the same. It’s a path that calls you to experience your emotions. To come to terms, feeling the good, the bad and the plain out ugly. It might even kick you off a time or two, distracting you with a false sense of being, confusing your identify, not knowing…

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7 responses

    1. Thank you my Angel. ❤

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  1. A wonderful tribute to one most deserving!

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    1. Big thanks to both you and to Rhapsody. You have made me smile. ❤

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