Coronavirus and Travel

it is not the length of life that matters, but the depth of it

There is nothing much in the news these days except the effects, implications, and horror stories concerning the coronavirus, or to give it it’s more sinister name COVID-19.  There is no doubt that there is an outbreak of illness involving a couple of varieties of this nasty little bugger.  According to some organisations, (WHO), the death rate from coronavirus is about 3.4%, (in comparison to a death rate of 0.1% from your average influenza).  But will I let that change my life ~ the hell I will.

In little while I should be heading off for an extended vacation ~ first stop California.  My journey to the warm sunshine should take me about 24 hours, elapsed time.  During my journey I will likely pass through 5 different airport terminals and sit in 3 different aircraft for a total of maybe 15 hours.  I will be in close proximity to hundreds, thousands, of people who could have come from just about anywhere in the world.  Was I of a nervous disposition then that’s the last kind of ordeal I’d put myself through during this present medical emergency.  But then, by that token I should never leave the garret at all ~ ever.

However, I will be taking some sensible precautions ~ in essence these will be no different whatsoever to the precautions I always take when travelling long-distances.

  1. Do not go to or through some disease-ridden hell-hole like Africa, or India, or China, or right now Northern Italy.
  2. Organise myself aisle seats on all flights, which usually costs extra in coach.  An aisle seat because if I’m sitting near someone I don’t like, for example someone coughing and sneezing, then I can always get up and find someplace else to spend most of a long flight.  It also gives me a chance to stretch my legs.
  3. Carry and use cleansing wipes.  It’s bloody terrible carrying stuff like a hand sanitiser through airport security, but I will buy one in the departure area.
  4. Don’t eat any food or drink any liquid that’s of dubious origins.
  5. Thoroughly wash my hands and face as often as possible.
  6. Never, ever touch anyone, and touch mucky looking surfaces as little as possible.
  7. Have comprehensive health cover included in my travel insurance, (£10 million + £10 million repatriation).
  8. Carry a list of emergency contact numbers.

You’ve seen news footage of people wearing masks ~ that’s bloody pointless.  A virus is so small it will just go right through anything you can breathe through.

Some say that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  And that they don’t want to get near to anyone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.  All I know is that normal life has a 100% mortality rate and I intend to make the most of every moment I have left in mine.


jack collier

better to cash out going backwards off a cliff than forted-up in the garret

13 responses

  1. Great advice as I’m contemplating heading back to Germany as well. Either soon or in the fall. Stay safe my friend and love your life. ❤️

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    1. Good for you Rhapsody ❤
      I won't let this present 'medical emergency' stop me from living my life.

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      1. That’s it. Stay safe my friend, you are needed and loved.

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  2. I traveled from Denver to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday and part of my family came from California, specifically the hotbed of Los Angeles county, today. I think we’ll survive!

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    1. Good for you. So do I. ❤


  3. So happy you are visiting my country! Are you going anywhere other than California?

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    1. I guess Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico ~ I like long road trips. Won’t be driving all the way to Albuquerque though.
      I’d love to meet you. 💖

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      1. Unfortunately, I’m in none of those places. ☹️
        Gotta visit the Pacific Northwest sometime! 😁

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        1. I will. I would love to see you and the majestic country there. ❤

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          1. Personally, I think it is the Prettiest our country offers.

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  4. I’m planning to go to Vegas soon, with sensible precautions as well.

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    1. Good for you Paula.
      Have a safe and wonderful time. ❤

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