Galaxy of Emptiness

when someone says it’s not about money and power
it’s all about money and power

If you have been following my writings over the past few days then you may know that I have had something of a mystical experience that has let me see things in an enlightened way.  What I have come to appreciate is that most of my life, indeed most of the lives of most people on this planet, are driven by materialism.  That is the tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important that spiritual enlightenment.

I was going to write a long post about how empty that made my life, and how destructive that can be for relationships and one’s mental health.  Instead I’ve decided to share this song by Beth Orten with you.  It says it better I think.


I was at the head of my profession.  I had all the money and power I could handle.  My life was meaningless and selfish.  My soul was empty.

This song is an opportunity for you to spend a few minutes in contemplation.

Please listen with all your heart.


jack collier


starry, starry night

paint your palette blue and grey


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