Do the Boring Stuff

don’t start this month by doing last month’s work

let me know how that works out for you

When I was at grammar school I never did the boring and routine things; taking notes, homework, actually turning up for school…..  It was so much easier to drift though life than it would have been to stay awake pay attention in lessons.  Or so I thought at the time.  I had a very rude awakening when I first started work, in a bank.  Reality says that Banking is all about routine and boring things, and that people can get quite upset if you mess up their money, and maybe a couple of their cheques get bounced.

And so I learned the importance of doing the very boring, distasteful, and routine things ~ the things that some people just ignore, and then complain bitterly when they find themselves at the murky end of the swamp, in deep shit.  How many of us have seen these reality shows where people turn up at an airline check-in desk, and their passport is out of date?  You might think that could never happen to you.  But oh yes it could ~ something similar has almost happened to me.

Just this morning something prompted me to check the expiry date on my driving licence.  It turns out that it has about a month to run.  If you don’t live in England you may think that’s no big deal.  Here, it’s quite a big deal.  There is no automatic renewal on a drivers licence ~ I have to apply for a new one, to the DVLA, in Swansea, Wales.  That’s a monolithic bureaucracy if ever there was one.

The consequences of not having a valid driving licence are severe, if you drive, especially in a foreign country…..

The things that some people do / don’t do include;

  • Not opening their mail.  I knew a girl who had years of unopened mail stored in sundry cardboard boxes.
  • Not reading whatever is in their mail, or reading their mail and then just ignoring it, maybe putting the more important things in a drawer to deal with later.
  • Not paying their regular bills ~ trust me that can get you into deep shit.
  • Ignoring their bank statements and not balancing their cheque book.
  • Doing their taxes; which is pretty important in the USA.
  • Ignoring important but boring emails ~ instead they spend lots of time on social media.
  • No doing routine maintenance on their car; lights, oil, tyres, water ~ and putting fuel in the damn thing.  All of this should be checked at least once a week.
  • Making and keeping regular appointments with their dentist, doctor(s), optician ~ then not filling any prescriptions they are given, or if they do then not taking their medication.
  • Staying in contact with their family ~ or just giving lip service to staying in touch.

The thing is, these routine, distasteful, and boring tasks are the things that maintain your place in society.  If you don’t keep your place in modern society, they you are a nobody, sooner or later.

Some say that most of their mail is just junk, so why bother.  And that as long as they can get cash at the ATM, then their finances are fine.  All I know is that a stitch in time saves nine.


jack collier

notes and lists are a brilliant invention

all of us forget things from time to time

just don’t misplace your notes and lists

17 responses

  1. I have a bill I need to least I think I do. I keep hoping I’ll hear from the company, but so far I haven’t. I wonder if I need to contact them? It is for house insurance and I only paid half a year, I think…I keep wanting to go upstairs and get the information and then I look up the stairs and think I might feel more like climbing them another day! (I just rolled my eyes at myself.) Tomorrow I will get the number from upstairs and call them. They might be 1800, but I’m not!

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    1. Ha! I cheat. My bank pays all my regular bills automatically. The easy way out is good when it comes to doing the boring stuff.
      This way I get the time to write things here.
      Love and Hugs Kris ❤

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      1. I am also reminded I need to pay for the internet in AK. I do that not thru the bank, it is the least important of all my bills! The other is due next month. PHEW.

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  2. Yes that too as I frighten people


    1. People sometimes mistrust those who are much smarter than themselves.
      Sad really ❤

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      1. Yes it is but there isn’t anything you can do about that

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  3. My husband calls this life admin. I’m no good at this but then he earns the money so he has to deal with these responsibilities. Trying to find a job and a social life is rather difficult if your like me.

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    1. You mean if you’re articulate, intelligent, and super knowledgeable 💖

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  4. This is a culture I am adapting myself to. Here in Kenya for example, electricity is paid in tokens as in you have metered connection that runs out when not topped up. I had habit of knowing I was out of power when I came home from work late evening and found my apartment dark while the rest are lit. It was difficult tuning myself to remember to top up the units regularly.

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    1. Sounds tricky. Getting home in the dark sucks anyway.
      I bet you kept a flashlight handy. 😎💝

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  5. My license expires this month too, then it’s time to get car tabs. I’m pretty good at keeping up with the boring stuff that HAS to be done. It’s the things I don’t have to do – piles of things I don’t need will sit there for much too long because I’ll put off dealing with it because I’m so busy keeping up with the boring stuff. Hoping someday I’ll figure out the balance act.

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    1. That’s pretty funny, and true for lots of people. ❤
      I have a sytem; do the stuff I want to do least first. Seems to work for me. 😎

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      1. I try to do that too because once that stuff is done I feel much better 🙂

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      2. Is yours expiring on your birthday month? If so, are you a Pisces like me?

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        1. 23rd of. I’m an Aries born on the cusp, so the best bits of a Pisces outweigh the worst parts of the driven Aries male. How cool is that? ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. That is very cool. I’m on the cusp also, but the 19th. I relate mostly with Pisces traits – artistic, dreamy personality, but thankful there’s a little realist and driven mixed in.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. So you’re Aries cusp and I’m Pisces cusp. Pretty cool. 🙂

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