Who Do You Want To Be Tomorrow?

my wish is to wake up a better person than when I went to bed

We always want what we think we can’t have ~ that’s just human nature.  It’s striving to get what we think we can’t have, to dream the impossible dream, to find new experiences and new loves that makes men and women do things like climb Mt. Everest, invent the wheel, put a man on the moon, and besiege Troy for the love of Helen.  And every time ordinary people said they were crazy.

If we become a better person we are not only able to take better care of ourselves, we can also take better care of others, especially the people we have feelings for, especially the one we love the most of all.

When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person for others.  When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.  ~  Solange Knowles.

Ergo, the first thing you should want to become is a superior version of yourself.  Look after yourself, get healthier, fitter, stronger in body, mind, and spirit ~ get control of your emotions, get out in the fresh air and sunshine, get some exercise, read some good books, listen to some uplifting talks on YouTube…..  Not only that, take a good hard look at yourself and be brutally honest; are you looking as good as you could?  Hair, manicure, clothes, shoes, is your skin as healthy and glowing as it could be, do you smell nice?

What about your finances?  Have you got spare cash at the end of the month, or are you continually broke?  Are you in a dead-end job that pays peanuts?  Do you actually manage your money, balance your cheque book?

And how are your relationships?  Are you still madly in love with your partner, or are you in a dysfunctional relationship?  Do you like to see your family regularly, or, like me are you totally estranged?  Have your friends all turned to strangers?

You know you need to make some changes and rearrange your whole life, and deep down you really know what it is you need to do ~ so do it.  You have had enough lessons from life ~ so use them and unfuck your life.  You’d think you’d have made some changes by now, so dump the apathy, and be who who really want to be.

And if you don’t know who you want to be, then find yourself your ideal role model, and become them.  It does not even have to be a real person; you may want to be India Jones, James Bond, Achilles, Holly Golightly, Ellen Ripley, or Aphrodite ~ don’t just sit there, do something about it ~ act as if you were that person.  You will never become your role model, but along the way you will become a superior version of yourself.

Some say that there are going to be some changes around here ~ tomorrow.  And that they are just running around in crazy circles like a rat on a wheel.  All I know is I hope we find our way someday soon.


jack collier



don’t all men just love that kind of discourse with a woman they care about?

17 responses

  1. Thanks jack!! Love and hugs back!! ❤💖

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  2. Thank you jack!! And I am going too..new lease on life!! 💖❤😘

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    1. Angel, I feel very good about all this for you. I believe it’s all going to work out marvelously ~ you can make yourself a new life, the way it always should have been.
      Love and Hugs 😉 ❤

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  3. Meant to say I assist the chiropractor

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  4. Thanks jack! I appreciate that so very much!! ❤❤ yes someone responded to a job I applied too…it was a chiropractic position where i use my degree and assistant with patients xoxo will see I will work 8 to 8 long day as I continue to keep my other job as well

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    1. Brilliant Angel. I AM SO PLEASED FOR YOU. ❤❤❤
      Long days ~ but just relish your independence and freedom.
      Smiling for you. Kiss xoxox

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  5. Love it jack! Wrote this morning on freedom..
    Angel ❤❤❤
    And yes never ever again 😘

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    1. Angel, I shall read your post after lunch. ❤
      And you are correct ~ let it be never again 🙂 ❤


      1. Sounds good! I wont! Promise! Lessons learned! ❤😘

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        1. Big hugs Angel. I am always here for you. 🌹🌹🌹
          Any news on the job front?

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  6. My favorite quote jack…when you said, Unfuck your life! Perfect! I agree and am doing the same!! Love it!! xoxo

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    1. Good for you. Unfuck your life, and do not let anyone else fuck you over. ❤
      All my good thoughts to you. ❤

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  7. Amelia Earhart … St Exupery … Gen. W. Tecumseh Sherman … Indiana Jones but w/o the snakes …

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    1. As Indy often said; ‘I hate snakes…..’ ❤

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  8. Completely pointless those kinds of dialogue but I have indulged in them before. I try not to as there not helpful in the slightest.

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    1. Very cultured of you Athena. ❤
      English Gentlemen always just listen politely.

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      1. Yes I’m aware of that.

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