Sexual Abuse

she has begged ‘please’ far too often to use the word lightly


for some sad women

a hard kiss with a fist

is better than none

they are alone and lost

the once love has gone

they are brutally abased

they are nothing, no one

used and roughly abused

he doesn’t want her love

he wants a fuck, she’s raped

she could adore someone

a real man, kind and just

he could be almost anyone


jack collier

for some abused women

the bottle is their only escape

7 responses

    1. I suddenly know women who have suffered this kind of abuse.
      It destroys lives. Thank you for commenting Diane. ❤

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    1. It’s nice when someone reblogs my stuff.

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      1. Always happy to share great writing, My Friend!!

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  1. Sometimes reading you is like living “Killing me softly”. ❤️

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    1. I can only hope that’s a fairly good thing.
      Thanks you anywa RedCat 💖


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