Stress #6 ~ Stalkers

stalking is a serious crime with serious consequences

Stalking is cruel and incessant torture that can have terrifying results.  The victim of a stalker can be tormented for years, left too scared to go anywhere, to leave their home, scared of the telephone ringing, unnerved by the slightest unexpected sound.  Stalking is a crime that can paralyze an otherwise normal woman with fear, paranoia, and dread.

Your stalker is probably also an alcoholic, they have a sixth sense and know when you change your routine.  Sometimes when you plan to be far away from anywhere they would expect you to be they will come home early, or call you, or when you stop to get petrol, (gas), they will be at the same gas station.

Stalkers have an obsessive over-identification with their unwilling target but also a latent envy of their talents and beauty.  If they can’t possess the object of their obsession totally, they will destroy the victim’s qualities that they can never have.  ~  Stewart Stafford.

Stalkers are cunning.  Stalking can happen to you with or without a fear of physical violence, but it will involve verbal and mental abuse.  This is not acceptable but is very difficult to prove and the authorities will be reluctant to take strong action.  Stalking can even involve you constantly receiving flowers and other gifts, and there is fuck-all chance that the authorities will take any action over that.

Stalking also leads to threatening behaviour, physical attacks, serious sexual assault, serious physical harm, and murder.

The sad thing is that reality says that you will be your stalker’s active object of obsession for anywhere from one month to forty-some years ~ probably the rest of your sad and tortured life.  So how to win?

Trust your instincts.  Your family, friends, children will pressure you to downplay your stalker’s behaviour.  Don’t, your own safety is your #1 priority, not keeping other people happy.

Call the police if you feel in immediate, clear, and present danger.

Keep a record, a stalking diary, tape all his phone calls and any verbal contact he has with you.  Save all emails, texts, letters, photos, cards, and postings on social networking sites.  In any event, if you are being stalked get off all social networking sites.

Get a restraining order from the courts ~ your stalker will undoubtedly ignore this.

Find a victims’ group, but beware, stalkers also try to attend these groups.

Murder, or having your stalker beaten up is not a good plan for you.

There is only one effective way to defeat your stalker, and that is to bug out, do the big geographical, just plan on getting out ~ but unless you really leave your old life behind your stalker will find you.

Some say that stalking is just a serious of coincidences.  And that there is a very fine line between serendipity and stalking.  All I know is that some ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, and estranged daughters need and deserve all the protection they can get.


jack collier

eventually your stalker will grab you by the throat, you don’t have to let him choke you

11 responses

  1. This is another very accurate and informative post, Jack. The bit I noted especially was the logging of all incoming materials. This is critical!! A police detective once shared that even if there isn’t enough (for the police to) to act on at that moment, the “paper trail” is indispensable and gives a basis for future action, including legal. If the harassment is coming from another area or outside the jurisdiction of the police in your area, then it’s necessary to contact law enforcement in that jurisdiction. They will be receptive and helpful.


  2. Awww….jack thank you 😘😘

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  3. My heart is gentle and good and if there is one thing I have been given its love! Thanks for the support and caring thats likewise jack

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    1. I admire and respect you. I love you like an angel and a mother goddess. 💖

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  4. Jack I so appreciate that!💖💖😊 I always say I can go to sleep at night and I can look at myself in the mirror with a loving gentle heart! A heart that is full of love! It’s the best gift God gave me!
    Thanks for the friendship and thoughts thanks for caring as always I am here for you too! Friendships and hearts are beautiful ❤😊

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    1. Nikki, you can sleep at night because I am certain there is good in your heart, and love in your soul. I am here for you, and you can trust me to be your friend.
      Love always ❤💖❤💖❤

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  5. I have lived this for 13 years by someone whom confessed he always had my best interest at heart..lying to my face while using malware to stalk me for years..pretending to be online in my social media accounts and controlling my emails and making charges to my credit cards…very demented and sick individual..
    How someone can look at themselves In the mirror while doing this has to be just pure evil
    And that evil does and will catch up
    Its jealously and envy of the good person your so infatuated with

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    1. My heart goes out to you Angel.
      Some men are indeed sick, evil, sadistic bastards ~ and it seems you have been unlucky enough to be stalked by one of the very smartest and very worst.
      With any luck he will come to a horrible end and then you will be rid of him forever.
      Angel, you will be in my prayer tonight. ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Jack thank you ❤ it seems as if I pick all the wrong people to trust
        Evil can cause chaos but even always Loses in the end!
        Jealously and obsessions cause this
        Weakness and sickness too
        He cant ever be me
        Never can come close enough
        I noticed today still some things he is doing and I keep reporting it and i can pull the trigger at any point and his whole life will be flipped upside down
        And thanks Jack read my story on it i posted it earlier on in my blog check it out!
        It’s under cyberstalking

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        1. Be brave and strong.
          You are kind, honest, and good. Nobody can take that away from you.
          Look after yourself, first, last and always.
          I will be thinking of you.
          All friendship and love.

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