Survival from Illness

hospital is brief moments of fear interspersing long periods of boredom and pain

It’s my fourth day in hospital with kidney problems.

I see an oncologist tomorrow, I think it’s just routine.  It’s also very scary

But, if I get though all this with my health intact, it will be a supreme and liberating experience for me; annulling routine expectations, providing new contexts and challenges, widening my horizons and opportunities.  I believe that this scary episode is testing my abilities, nourishing my honesty, individuality, stoicism, irony, humour, fortitude, humility, and the complexity of my character.  I hope I come out of this a much better person.

Above all this is a reminder of the shortness of our lives, and that I should make the most of what is left of mine.

Instead of being scared, stressed, and depressed, I should try to look on the bright side of things with humour and humility.


Jack Collier

This picture helps me feel calm and peaceful

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  1. You say you should try to look on things with humour and humility rather than feeling scared and stressed … but Jack, feelings are what they are. We can alter how we respond … externally … the face we put on for the world. But feelings just are … they are neither right nor wrong, but simply are. I’m not saying you should give in to your feelings and sit around crying and grumbling all the time, but … don’t try to ignore that you feel scared, angry, hurt … it’s natural for humans and you, my friend, are human. Now get well quickly and get the heck out of the hospital! Is Marmaduke there with you, I hope? Big hugs, dear Jack. ❤


  2. It’s a beautiful picture of renewal and hope. Keep your positivity and sense of humour, it will be over soon. 🌻


  3. Praying for your full recovery JC

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    1. Thanks Sweetheart 🌹


  4. Always here Jack feel better ❤

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    1. Thank you for everything Angel 🌹

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  5. That’s right Jack, think positive. It really does work. When I worked as a waitress I remember complaining to my coworkers about how high my electric bill was. And he said, “but you where not cold”. I just starred at him. I complained about the bill and not about how comfortable I was. I did not see the bright side nor did I look at the bill in a positive manner. Jack you will be better. I believe that. Now you believe that. You think positive and it shall be so. Be well Jack

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    1. Rather light one candle than bemoan the darkness. ❤
      Thank you Sweetheart ❤ 😉

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  6. Jack I am rooting and praying for you! I an here if you need to me..angel xoxo

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    1. Thank you Angel. I will e-mail if I feel up to it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  7. A great assessment for a challenging time. 🌹💐

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    1. Thank you Jan, I’ve had a lot of time to think, trapped in this hospital bed. ❤

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  8. Excellent post, Jack! You are getting well!

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    1. Thank you, I hope so. ❤

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  9. Thank you ever so 🌹


  10. Thinking of you and hoping everything will be okay.

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    1. Thank you ever so ~ I hope everything will be OK too. ❤

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