Medical Tests

medicine is a pseudoscience of uncertainty and probability

Today I will be out.

I’m going to Newcastle upon Tyne for a series of medical-type tests;

  • A long, long Q & A session.
  • Lots of measurements including body fat, BP, and pulse rate.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Full-body MRI scan.
  • Brain MRI scan, (wish me good luck with that one).
  • Heart and body MRI scan.
  • Neck artery ultrasound scan.
  • Dual-Energy x-ray Absorptiometry scan.
  • Full blood work up.
  • Urine tests.
  • Treadmill heart monitoring

All in all I’m told it should take about 5 hours.

All followed up by 14 days of heart monitoring using a patch.

Ergo, if I’m not around later you know where I am.


jack collier

most men like most nurses,

most of the time

8 responses

  1. That seems excessive.

    Hope you relaxed afterwards


  2. I detest treadmills…I’m such a weak weenie! You will do amazing.


  3. A great body check up indeed that covers heart, brain and all. I pray for all results to be great!


  4. I will be thinking of you, hope everything is well. I have done the mri’s on the head. It isn’t to bad. I did not want to open my eyes though when I was in it. Put the head phones on and listen to music.


  5. Sending healing energy and good thoughts!


  6. As with all test, take a deep breath and you will be fine


  7. That’s more tests than my husband undergoes for his leukaemia checkup. What on Earth do you need all that for?


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