Food on Friday ~ Muffins

I’ve been told some people are obsessed with bran muffins

Now I’m not certain what’s going on, but several of the cooks whose blogs I follow have posts about muffins this week.  I looked it up, thinking it was National Muffin Week or something, but no, it’s seems it’s just one of those spooky coincidences that keeps happening for me right now.

National Muffin Day in the USA is actually February 20th.

Two interesting things; #1 here in England we do not eat a lot of English muffins.  #2 I didn’t know there was a second meaning for the word muffin, or stud muffin at any rate.

However, be all that as it may, here are some cool muffin recipes, which I may have to reprise on February 20th, or not.

First up this week we have Heather Christo’s delicious looking almond poppyseed muffins, and being from Heather they are allergen free, vegan, and gluten free.  All I know is they look very yummy.

Almond Poppyseed Muffins

Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower has a recipe for ube mochi muffins.  I have to admit the only bit of that I understand is muffins, but these little cakes look fantastic and I would be interested to try them.

Ube Mochi Muffins

And I thought I should include a recipe for ‘space muffins’ for those of you who would like to ingest their marijuana.  Personally, I cannot see the attraction, but then I have enough of a problem with booze.

Cannabis Muffins

Now for something else completely different we have these pizza muffins from In Dianes Kitchen.  Now that is a good idea for a pre-prepared snack or for something to take to work for lunch.

Pizza Muffins

Erin Clarke, at Well Plated by Erin has a cool collection of healthy muffin recipes.  I very much like the look of her unique muffin recipes, especially the gingerbread apple muffins.  How interesting.

Gingerbread Apple Muffins

Our last collection this week is from delish magazine; 52 muffins to make your morning a little more enjoyable.  From this great collection I’ve chosen to feature the chocolate lover’s chocolate chocolate-chip muffins by our friend Averie Sunshine.

Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Muffins


jack collier

15 responses

  1. Then there’s “muffin tops” 😁

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    1. OH Fuck. I’m sorry I googled that. Not me nor you. I walked 10454 paces this morning. 🌹

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  2. Wow jack thank you…speechless 💖

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    1. It’s fun for you to be my adored Angel.


  3. Your such a sweetheart thanks Jack 💖

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    1. I’m a push-over for any gorgeous, intelligent, interesting, mystical, magical, angelic, utterly enchanting woman. ❤

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  4. Wood oven pizza is delish thanks Jack for the consideration 💖

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    1. Taking you anywhere would be delicious.
      Brunch on the old Queen Mary in Long Beach perhaps ❤

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  5. Pizza muffins…hmmmm…yummy 💖


    1. Smiling. I am guessing that you never need to diet.
      I’d love to treat you to a great pizza at a wood-oven place.

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      1. Well I dont diet per say I just eat what I like in moderation . And I follow the mediterranean diet being of Italian descent I eat very very healthy but I do splurge on pizza and I will eat muffins I don’t deprive myself of anything I just eat things in moderation 💖💝💖💝

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        1. That is all so very Angelic. My taking you out for a pizza is a hypothetical date. ❤

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  6. I’ll take one of each! Thank you for sharing my Pizza Muffins Jack!

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    1. You’re most welcome Diane.
      Pizza muffins seem such a great idea. ❤

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