Wolf Moon Revelation

and one man in his time plays many parts

The most profound truths sometimes come in a very simple message, and the message I had at the exact time of the Full Wolf Moon last evening was; Be Yourself.  And the strange thing is I know exactly what that means to me.

I have had a lot of practice at being half a hundred other people, of wearing a mask, of fitting-in, playing the role I was expected to play ~ but I can’t ever remember being myself.  It’s always been too dangerous.

However, from this time on I will no longer be the Man people expect me to be, I will no longer play the role I am expected to play.  This is a new road, towards a new horizon, walked by a man different to the man I was before, and the man I was before was never me.

For the past few days I have been struggling with who I used to be, and the knowledge that I both wanted and needed to be a different man living a different life.  But I didn’t know what, why, when, how, nor where, nor who.  I had the need, the desire, I wanted to be both different and better, but I didn’t have a direction, nor did I have a plan.  For some reason I knew things were going to change soon.

Then yesterday I learned that there was going to be a Wolf Moon, and that it was going to mean things to me ~ I wrote about that.

Last evening I darkened the garret save for some appropriately scented candles, put on some atmospheric music, and sat myself down to wait, my mind open, my heart and brain in harmony.  And at just about 19:21 hrs, the exact time of the full moon, I received the strongest possible message, and I knew it was right and I knew exactly what it meant.

Do you know there is a vocal refrain in the opening track from the Enya album The Memory of Trees?  Do you know what that repeated refrain is?  It’s Be Yourself.

I heard that and I understood.

I will not be the man in the mirror anymore.  I will not be a different guy with different people in different situations.  I will no longer be a people-pleaser, nor will I be a macho-man, nor devil-may-care, or the life and soul of the party, or a boyfriend, good citizen…..  All of the dozens of roles we play day by day, and all of the different acts we put on, will be left behind.  For playing all of those roles was making me very sick, because I believed them and they were all false.  From now on I shall be myself, and only myself.

Some say they have lost their sense of identity.  And that their career has taken over their lives.  All I know is I will stand alone and I will be myself.


jack collier


today there is a new horizon

5 responses

  1. I am so so happy to read this my dear friend and you are on your way. I can’t wait to hear more progress and how things are going. Your excitement fills my heart and I am so proud of you. Happy new year my friend. What a great way to start the year. ❤️


  2. It’s a wonderful feeling when we sit quietly and open our minds and hearts to receive the best message!

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    1. The revelation was strong and clear, and I knew exactly what it meant for me. 💞

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  3. Very nice!! I wish you the greatest luck, which you will need because this is an extremely difficult endeavor. But worth all the effort. And just remember that you are allowed to be whoever you are at that given moment. You don’t have to be just one way always. You are allowed to be fluid. This is maybe even harder for people to grasp when they expect to our to be the way they are used to you being. 💋

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    1. I will no longer be the person others want me to be or expect me to be.
      From now on I will be myself, my own man, and only my own man.
      Thank you for your kind words and warm thoughts.
      All my very best wishes to you. 🌹🌹🌹


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