Rock Bottom

hitting rock bottom doesn’t mean I have to stay there

Everyone’s rock bottom is different.  Things could be worse for me; I still have a roof over my head, I still have money in the bank, and I haven’t hurt myself.  I’m haven’t been on the street drinking, and I haven’t been arrested.

My rock bottom is life-threatening sickness in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  I feel so ill that I don’t want to eat and I can’t sleep.  I’ve been sipping a little weak beer to stave off the symptoms of acute alcoholic withdrawal, and because it helps ameriolate the worst symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. (a couple of cans a day)

I’m so emotionally distressed and depressed that I’ve been wondering if it’s worth going on at all.

And yet, some very kind people care about me, and my ending it all would be very unfair to them.

So, I need to pick myself up from this self-inflicted hell, take the time and do the right things to recover ~ writing this blog helps.

There are some kind people I care about very much, and I send them all my love.


Jack Collier

I need to find a new and better road

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  1. Now Jack … do I have to fly over there on my broomstick and kick your patootie? Just kidding … in truth, I’ve got no words of wisdom, but you know I love you! Get yourself together, my friend … a whole lot of people care about you. ❤

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    1. I could use a friendly witch right now.
      Thank you Jill, I love you too. 🌹

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      1. Big hugs, Jack! You’ll come out of this … soon! ❤

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        1. I hope so Jill, thank you for caring 💖🌹🌹🌹💖

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  2. hang in there man. i wish i could be more profound than that. for what it’s worth from a total stranger, hoping you to be encouraged.


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    1. Thanks, that’s more than profound enough for me today.


  3. Sending best wishes for healing and light (not to sound too new-agey. (And the Crew send regards).

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    1. New Age is feeling very supportive ❤

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  4. hi Jack
    Am so sorry to hear about your struggle but you are so strong talking about it and I hope it helps! I always find January a bit of a struggle but I always look forward to brighter and warmer times!
    Please take care! x

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    1. Thank you Petra, honesty and openness are an essential part of recovering from all this pain. ❤

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