Being In Love

One life that soon is past, yet what’s done with love will forever last

Loving someone doesn’t mean being blind to their faults, nor always liking everything they have ever done.  But if you love someone you will accept, understand, and forgive almost anything and everything.  If you truly love someone you will support them through their darkest times, try to show them the way when they are lost, and never be negative when they are being stupid.

Nobody can make you feel the way that your love can.

There is only one true happiness in life, to love and be loved.

You may not be her first date, her first kiss, or her first fuck….. but be her last everything.

Some say that there is no such thing as true love.  And that all everyone wants is sex.  All I know is that I loved someone….


Jack Collier


Making love in a spring meadow

is a memory or a dream.

9 responses

  1. When I love someone, I love him fiercely… got cheated twice.. the second time I fell into severe depression. That’s the problem with people like me.

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  2. Omg jack that is so sweet…aww thank you I feel very much flattered 💜 that’s cute

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    1. Snag is, I am so much in love with you. 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  3. Aww this is beautiful dear ❤️ Yes, people do tend to get around and not take love seriously in this day and age. Maybe since many people mostly do their communicating online instead of real life. I know that true love exists as I have been with my partner for 13 years now and like to believe everyone can find their true love too 😊 I like to believe that to love and be loved is the purpose of life. Wishing you a successful and Happy New Year! One filled with lots of love and joy x x

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    1. That’s understandable after having something like that happen to you ❤️ She made awful choices and shouldn’t have done that at all, and multiple times behind your back – that is messed up. Why people do such things, I think we can never understand. I mean, purely it is just selfishness! Please always put yourself first. I’m not sure how raw your pain is but I hope you will heal with time and that you feel well loved by those around you 😊 Have a Happy New Year and take care dear x x

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  4. Your love for this person is so strong. I hope you can reconcile your love. Happy 2020 and may your aspirations be achieved🥂🤩🍾🥂

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    1. You know that I am in love with you, and always will be, even though we are so far away.

      Hugs and kisses.

      Happy New Year from Marmaduke and me.



      1. Aww so sweet. Love and hugs to Marmaduke. Garfield wishes you peace, joy and love

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