Everything is Important

rejoice in small things and they will continue to grow

Every little thing that we do is important.  Everything we say, every feeling we have, everything that happens to us is important ~ even though we may not realise just how important small things are until much later.  This is because nothing happens in isolation, and huge events always begin with something small.

Just as a vast avalanche may begin with a tiny pebble rolling down a hill, hugely important events in our lives may begin with just a word, or a glance, or a decision just to say yes, or no.

Also there is the holistic theory of the interconnectedness of all things.  Everything in the Cosmos has an effect on everything else, everything on Earth has an effect on everything else on the Earth, everyone we know has an effect on us and everyone else they know.  Everything our significant other says, does, thinks, and feels has a huge effect on us and everyone we know.  All things are interconnected.

All disasters and tragedies happen as a result of a series of interconnected events.  For example most know that the sinking of the Titanic on 15th of April 1912 came about because the ship hit an iceberg, but that was only the proximate cause of the disaster.  The reason so many died in the tragedy is the result of a series of interconnected events going right back to when the ship was designed and built.  Some reasons the sinking of the Titanic killed 1,517 passengers and crew are; poor lifeboat drill aboard, not enough lifeboats and lifejackets, the ship was travelling too fast and too far north for the time of year, not enough lookouts, the lookouts had no binoculars, the Titanic’s radio operators did not give all the ice warnings to the bridge, the wrong avoiding action was took by the Titanic, the nearest ship to the disaster, (SS Californian), did not come to the aid of the Titanic…..  and the less than perfect construction of the ship herself.  (Only 703 souls survived.)

Similarly I have been suffering with very poor mental health over the last few weeks, the proximate cause of which is I have Borderline Personality Disorder, but that’s far from the whole story.  Christmas has never been a good time of year for me, my closest friends aren’t going to see me over the holidays, I have insomnia, I have been neglecting my physical health, I’ve developed some bad personal habits, I picked up a bad cold / the flu…..  So it’s not as simple as all that.  Everything is important and, and everything is interconnected.

Some say that some things are just not important.  And that it’s difficult to be fit and look smart when mentally, emotionally, and spiritually you feel like shit.  All I know is mens sana in corpore sano ~ a healthy mind in a healthy body.


Jack Collier


it would be nice to have multiple personalities

one of them might be happy one day

9 responses

  1. I enjoyed this, thank you. 💕

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  2. Get well soon … great post, thoughtful analysis. Titanic is a good analogy – I always think of the downfall of the Romanovs as a classic case of interconnectedness (over decades) creating the result it did. There are so many places/times in which a “but for this” could have changed that tragic history.

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    1. It’s always a bunch of small things that eventually create the huge event.
      Isn’ interconnectedness a great word. 😎
      Thank you for being so kind to me. 💖💖💖

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  3. Have you watched Split? It’s a James McAvoy movie about “split personality disorder”. I think you might like it.

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    1. No, I’ll have to look for it. Thanks. 😎

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  4. Excellent! I was just thinking about this exact thing yesterday. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

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    1. Well, if we were both thinking the same sort of thing, then obviously not. 💝

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      1. 😀 And nothing happens when I vacuum; the dust returns immediately 🙂

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        1. That’s so weird isn’t it? ❤

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