a wise person has money in their head, not in their heart

I worked in banking and international finance for 30 years, and the most sagacious piece of advice I ever had was given to me by Mr. Williams, the then manager of Midland Bank in Durham City.  He said, ‘Don’t ever be the richest body in the cemetery’.  Contrary to his own advice he probably was ~ but then he had a widow and 3 daughters to think of.  I don’t.

Like everything else, money follows the basic law of nature; if you have some it’s easy to get more.  If you have nothing, then you are fucked.  Bankers will lend money to richer people, and turn away the broken and downtrodden every time.

It’s always within your reach to be rich, but money often costs too much, especially for women.  Strike that, money can cost too much for everyone, including wealthy guys.  Because I was successful I found myself a trophy wife, and she cost me half a small fortune.  But that doesn’t ever matter, any smart person can make money ~ nobody can make a good relationship.

That gives us rule #1 about money.  If you are even moderately attractive then find yourself a moderately wealthy, moderately generous, moderately attractive partner.  Some richer guys will make you feel real cool for a while, and then dump you like garbage.  I know, I’ve done that ~ to my eternal shame.

Given we are not all rich, how can we manage the money we haven’t got?

There are some basic rules about money;

  • Don’t buy on impulse.
  • Don’t max out your credit cards.
  • Do not borrow from family or friends.
  • Never do anything you hate just for money.

I was very guilty of the last one.  Working for a living is doing something you hate just for money.

Some say that money makes the world go around.  And that the fat cats get all the cream.  All I know is that it might be tough at the top, but it’s rotten at the bottom.


jack collier

money will buy you any woman you want


15 responses

  1. I hate how expensive some portions of life are. I do not like spending money, I’ve never had it to spend extravagantly. Your words are wise, especially since it is hard gained knowledge and not just words in a post.


  2. Thanks for the concise money advice. Hope you find the right relationship investments for your life.


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  3. I am blushing lol that’s very kind and sweet and I appreciate the kind words thank you so much! 😊

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      1. Okay as soon as I can will do

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      1. Awww that’s so sweet! Thank you 😊

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      2. Mature, sexy, and intelligent, what’s not to adore.

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  4. I believe you go get whatever it is you want never to late to find her..learning in life there is nothing that can stop people who want to be together even if the road is long and hard

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  5. I’d rather have real then monetary good for you…😊 I believe some people are so superficial and it’s sad..

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    1. Colette was cute and beautiful. 💔💔💔

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  6. Money is a necessity but I find love to be more attractive and powerful! I have been with men who have power and money and honesty your right they can be down right evil I perfer riches in love and affection…well put!

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    1. Thank you. I have lived the money and power life, and once I turned off the money tap those people moved on. Up to and including my ex. ❤

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    2. Maybe I just adore you. 💖💖💖💖💖

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