you bet

a man who lacks reliability is utterly useless


seems I’m not done yet

you can bet your life

that I’ll be around sooner or later

if only to light your cigarette


jack collier


women who smoke are sexy in the abstract


5 responses

  1. It needs reciprocated, that reliability.

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      1. I often think of myself as that person. Yet, why is it bad for a woman to play around and are called names, but not a man?

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        1. It was very wrong of me to say that. ❤


          1. Piffle. Nothing is really wrong. OK, some things are wrong. Not getting to read the end of a good story is wrong..being allergic to chocolate is wrong. Not being able to use my cell phone very often inside cuz T Mobile seems to only exist in certain areas of the house or yard is wrong….

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