Lonely Christmas

I have no one to talk to, and I’m alone

With only one month to go until Christmas Day I’ve been thinking about all those people who will be lonely over this Festive Season.

In England this Christmas, one in five adults will be spending the day alone.  And the Salvation Army say that almost a million elderly people, aged 65 and over, will be alone on Christmas Day, and most of them will be very lonely.  Tradition and Hollywood both say that Christmas is a special time to spend with friends and family, and yet millions of people don’t even plan to leave their homes at Christmas.

If you are a mature adult the chances are that you have spent at least one holiday season by yourself.  There are many possible reasons for this, you may live far away from family and old friends, you could have been divorced, or your relationship might have fallen apart, or you may have lost a loved one, or you may be suffering from your own problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, severe mental illness…..  Or it just might be that you had plans and for some reason they fell apart at the last minute.

This year I will be alone in the garret, and you can tick several of the reasons I’ve just mentioned as to the cause of my solitary Christmas.  I wonder how many of you reading this will also be alone over the Festive Season, and how many will be spending it with an aching heart looking back at the mistakes of the past.  Life can be viciously unkind, and not everyone we have ever met and loved was going to be worth the tears we shed.  How many times do we have to say that we’re sorry for the things we have done or not done before we are forgiven?  And when will we ever learn?

Not all need be doom and gloom if you are going to be alone at Christmas with nobody to talk to and nobody to even care.  There are some positive things you can do;

  • Don’t get drunk or high or take to much mood-altering medication.
  • Don’t spend Christmas day unwashed, unshaven / not made up, with your hair uncombed, in dirty clothes or your night attire.
  • Don’t stay in bed all day feeling unutterably melancholy or depressed.
  • At least go out and take a short walk to some place that has special meaning for you.
  • Make use of the empty streets to take some different photographs.
  • Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself some positive self-talk.
  • Trust yourself, even if nobody else does, things will get better, nothing stays melancholy and depressing forever.
  • Contemplate the past, the present, and all possible futures while listening to some inspiring music.
  • Cook yourself a special meal and be thankful that you are safe, warm, and eating well.
  • Reach out to those you would have truly liked to be spending Christmas with.
  • Clean up the administrative dross from this year, and make positive plans for the future.

Some say that Christmas Day is just another day.  And that it’s not being alone that makes you lonely, it’s that nobody even cares.  All I know is that I intend to make the very best of being on my own at Christmas.


jack collier



White Christmas Mojito

17 responses

  1. I don’t have Christmas spirit anymore. I know it sounds negative but it’s true. Kids are grown, I’m divorced, selfish materialistic parents, broken relationships, no extra money for all the materialism… the list goes on. I try to get in the spirit for myself but it doesn’t work. Maybe next year. Just wanted to relate with you and let you know I’m in the same boat ❤

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    1. I’n not feeling festive at all ~after all I’m going to be alone and lonely over Christmas. This wasn’t how I wanted things to work out. ❤


  2. This sounds a very melancholy post Jack. Feeling alone at Christmas can occur when we are surrounded by people too. I think it is more a state of mind than a physical state.
    Your list of distractions are good ones. Keeping busy and enjoying a sojourn with nature is always good.
    I shall not be celebrating Christmas on any level, but will be travelling. I will try to remember to email you on Christmas Day, Jack… Just so you have some interaction. I will be seven hours ahead of you though. In the meantime… Be well and don’t think about being alone. Be thankful that you can do exactly as you please. Many of us can’t! ❤️

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    1. It wasn’t supposed to be so melancholy ~ or perhaps thst’s the way I truly feel.
      I know about being alone although I’ve been surrounded by people, it’s a strange feeling.
      Although I will be alone I intend to be happy and positive over the holidays, maybe being happy is a state of mind.
      You must be going East, I hope you have a good time, wherever and whenever you’re travelling.
      I look forward to your e-mail.
      Thank you for everything 💖💖💖

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      1. Leave on Saturday… Thailand 😊

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        1. Christmas in Thailand ~ interesting 😎💖

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  3. I am alone too with Garfield. You have Marmie and us readers on WP. 🤗

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    1. We will be alone together. ❤
      You can email me if you like, my email address is right there on every post;

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  4. I think I’d like to spend a non sick day in my jammies!! I’ve never done that.
    This day won’t be alone, it will be odd. When my eldest was home, he’d wake up early no matter how old he was! Now, it is the parents who look like they are early, and it is just before 8.
    Love your ideas on how to care for an alone day. I’m still partial to the jammies and perhaps a stack of books!!!

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    1. I have a big problem with spending the day in my jammies, because I don’t have any.
      God when I was a very young kid I’d be up at some ungodly hour on Christmas morning ~ like about six o’clock,
      The stack of books thing sounds good Kris. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Laughing. No jammies would be ok, except when cooking. NOT safe!

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  5. Great list! Every day is an important day!

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    1. You are so right Mermaid, and I’d forgotten that. ❤ ❤ 😉

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  6. I like all of your can do ideas. There are always things we can do.

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    1. Nothing, (almost nothing), turns out half as bad as we thought it was going to be. ❤

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      1. So true Jack. :😌


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