Emotional Problems

people who drink a little too much can get into a lot of trouble

Long Island Iced Tea

I suffer from a serious and untreated emotional problem called Borderline Personality Disorder,  (BPD).  One of the nastier symptoms of this illness is substance abuse, which in my case involves drinking far too much booze from time to time.

This is not alcoholism, which is a different and separate disease in its own right, rather it’s attempting to escape emotional pain through numbing the mind with booze.  Other sufferers of BPD take street drugs, or abuse prescription drugs in one way or another.

Both booze and drugs will kill you sooner or later, (most drugs much faster than booze), and no counselling treatment for BPD has any chance of working if you drink or take drugs.  Ergo if you suffer from a serious personality disorder, and you want to recover, the first thing you must do is stop drinking, smoking tobacco, smoking pot, using cocaine, or harder drugs, or abusing prescription drugs.

Actually, it’s much more important than just having effective counselling for your personality disorder ~ another symptom of many personality disorders is threatening suicide, attempted suicide, or actual suicide, and adding booze and drugs into mix is just adding for trouble.

Yet another set of symptoms of personality disorders is very impulsive behaviour, and that’s something else you don’t want to mix with drink and drugs.  A chap could get himself into very serious trouble mixing booze and drugs with impulsive bahaviours ~ and a woman even more so.

As it goes I am in pretty deep shit in all kinds of ways, so staying off alcohol is now essential for me.

Some say they’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on booze, drugs and fast women.  And the rest they just wasted.  All I know is that I cannot touch booze at all.


Jack Collier



another strange american beer



20 responses

  1. Less booze – more friends? 🙂

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    1. You may well be correct 💖💖

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      1. Maybe… the thing is booze draws in “wrong kind of friends”. Without booze – probably zero friends in the beginning, but with the time it is changing…bcz people start discovering you in a diff way.
        It’s very complex journey… not so many can make it. But I’m sure u can ✌️💕💪💪💪🤸‍♂️

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        1. I’m making some new friends, very different from anyone I would meet when I was drinking. 😎💖💖💖😎😈

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          1. Perfect! It’s a start 💪🤸‍♂️✌️🍰🍰

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  2. I do not like alcohol, I can get into enough trouble without it!! I have tasted wines now and then. Honestly, there are way too many carbs in most alcohol. Like the only one I did like..it was a blackberry white chocolate daiquiri. I almost tasted that blender empty! lol Thankfully, I was careful and stopped. Mostly because of the carbs!

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    1. I’ll bet you can. ❤
      Alcohol is just empty carbs, but wine, particularly red wine has some interesting nutrients in it. Indeed, some say that a glass of red wine a day does a lot to keep the doctor away. All I know is that if I touch one drop of booze I get myself into deep shit.
      Thanks Kris ❤

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      1. I use learned beer was carbonated. I’ve been around it most of my childhood and had no idea! My youngest told me it was, except he used a scientific name to describe it. It came up when we opened a past consumption date on sparkling cider..I added a cup to a pork roast.

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        1. Devon cider is flat, and some English beer is almost flat. On the other hand American beers tend to be highly carbonated ~ and that’s one reason beer drinkers have fat bellies. ❤

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          1. That is crazy! I had no idea.

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  3. THIS!!! This post touched me deeply. Thank you! Alcohol has cost too many lives around me. Eloquently stated Sir.

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    1. When booze stops being fun it becomes a curse that costs lives. 😕

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      1. Yes it does! My husband’s best friend found my brother in law dead, surrounded by 28 empty tequila bottles. The devastation to the family was immeasurable. I hope you continue to fight your demons, because the loss of you would be devastating too.

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        1. The loss of your brother-in-law like that is hard.
          I’m getting a handle on my demons. 😈

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          1. I know you will. They will always be there, but we can keep them at bay. Best of luck my friend.💋

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  4. I have suffered from a personality disorder for as long as I can remember, so I’ve also drank too much for just about as long as I can remember ~ yet I had a high-powered job in international banking. Eventually I just couldn’t take the booze anymore. 😎

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  5. It’s good to know your limits. Take care through the holidays, Jack. ❤️

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  6. Yeah, honest stuff, I was scared of alcohol when I drank it for the first couple of times. It felt like a great escape. My nerves took a back seat and time slowed down. Some form of alcohol dependence is what you may have. Psychological may be easier to come from but might be the hardest one to make creative solutions for. Besides, what activity other than abusing substances could really make you feel the way that substance made you feel in the moment? I’m glad you can talk up front with us about this. Your experiences help me not feel alone!

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    1. Drinking for effect might seem like a good idea for a while, but the bad things catch up with all of us eventually. Very honest comment Sweetheart ❤

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  7. According to the psychologist of the State I’m antisocial. Yet I was a good soldier, deployed, have worked in all type of jobs you can name in the civilian life, but I am a drunk. It got to the point that as I woke up I had to have a drink. There are functional drunks, or functional drug addicts, not in my case. I can relate to this post. Thanks for sharing and take care.

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