Christmas is Cancelled

Scrooge had the right idea ~ Christmas Bah! Humbug!

For the second year in succession my Christmas vacation plans have been cancelled ~ without so much as a ‘bye your leave’.

The thing is, when other people totally fuck up mess up your Christmas holiday plans, they feed you a bunch of guilt assuaging crap in the mistaken belief that you can’t telling the whole truth.

The other thing is, when Christmas vacation plans get suddenly cancelled, it’s pretty difficult to unwind arrangements, and almost impossible to make alternative plans with only 6 weeks or so until it’s time to fly off to somewhere warm and sunny.  At Christmas Time everywhere is booked up months in advance, the airlines are overbooked, and it’s utterly impossible to find a cute travelling companion.

So, come Christmas Eve, I’ll have a box full of gifts for a woman, a suitcase full of great clothes, a wallet full of US$, and no place to go.  Last year I stayed in the garret on my own, except for Marmaduke, and got good and drunk ~ well miserably drunk.  And it looks as though it might be the same this year.  Which is a shame.

The other sad thing is that, along with my holiday plans being cancelled, comes some problems in a treasured relationship.

l, they always said that when things seem to be going well you’ll get a load of shit dumped on your head.


jack collier

don’t think Santa is coming this way

11 responses

  1. Choose a different outcome this year. I understand mental issues, but I know we can make decisions to help change our reactions. You don’t need a pretty lady to celebrate the season. Go on your trip if you can, take those gifts and that wad of money and spread happiness to strangers around you. Imagine the smiles and stories that would be told about the nice man or unidentifiable stranger that gave me this or paid for my coffee. Avoid drowning in a bottle of poison. You are worth so much more than that. Go out, spread some joy and enjoy the feelings of love and appreciation that will be released into the universe because of it. Sending a BIG HUG!! Hope you can find a way to feel it.

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    1. Things are just not working out for me.

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      1. Who gets to pick exactly how their life works out? It’s about the journey. I wouldn’t want to know my entire story. The twists and turns keep it interesting. I KNOW how hard and heavy it can all feel. Just do your best to attempt a happy life. 💋


  2. I hope you are able to make a new plan!
    Sometimes certain plans are just not meant to work. It’s happened to me several times. After becoming really upset and depressed about these plans not working, it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise in the long run. I could not see it at the time, but later I learned that it was for the best.

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    1. I firmly believe this is going to turn out very badly for me. 😢


      1. I hope not, Jack! Sometimes if we believe something will turn out badly that is exactly what happens. Only time will tell. And if it does, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. No matter how much we wanted it to happen. I am hoping for the best possible outcome for you!

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  3. Maybe something will work out tho… I haven’t booked my trip too (yet), but I’m planning to do that tomorrow 🤪

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    1. I don’t think it’s going to work out for me 😢

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      1. …I hope you do not end up absolutely drunk 🥴 & alone as u mentioned. I hope for the best tho 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🥧🥧🍩🍰

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  4. Boo. Sorry to hear this 😢

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