let us be grateful to the people who make our souls blossom

One of the most powerful emotional exercises I have ever been shown was to be grateful to those who have nurtured me, been kind to me, and had a positive impact on my life.  Practicing it was one of the few times in recent years that I felt floods of tears running down my face.

Being thankful and grateful is good for your spiritual, emotional, and mental health.  Those who exhibit higher levels of gratitude have better quality sleep, more positive moods, and less symptoms of possible cancers.  People who have a more thankful disposition are more optimistic, kinder, and make friends easier.

Unfortunately, in recent months I found it easier to see faults than find cause for thanks.  I lost sight of the bigger picture and focused on inconvenient and irrelevant details.  Focusing how miserable parts of my life were, I lost the ability to be thankful for what I have.  I had unrealistic expectations of what I thought I was entitled to, and so I was judgemental and complaining rather than kind, thankful, and friendly.

I had to change.  I couldn’t spend all my life feeling down at heel, trapped behind walls of my own making.  And then I remembered that if I wished to stand out and be successful I needed to be simply grateful and demonstrate sincere thanks.

What I needed was a complete shift in outlook, I needed to live with a positive mindset, be a glass half-full kind of man, always looking to be thankful for what I had, rather than complaining about what I didn’t have.  I needed to find things to give thanks for.  I needed to put gratitude and thanks ahead of criticism.  Graceful and empathic men  find it effortless to be a gentleman, to show gratitude to others, and never needlessly criticise other people and their actions.

If I thought about it, there is a hell of a lot I should be grateful for in my life.  So, in the past days I have begun to consciously show my thanks and gratitude, not just in words, but in deeds too.  Not only that, but I have started to feel grateful, even when there is nobody around to see.  You can judge the true character of  a man by what they do when nobody is around.

Some say that being grateful is a sign of weakness.  And there is no need to say ‘thank you’ if we simply get what we have a right to.  All I know is that there are people in my life I should be grateful for.


jack collier

I can be grateful for every new dawn I see.

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  1. Splendid, meaningful post, JC. In gratitude, one reaches outward and steps away from self-involvement (“why me?” “woe is me” I this, I that… etc). It feels good to be thankful and when you offer thanks, you often unexpectedly, out of nowhere, receive…

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    1. Cast your bread upon the waters…..
      So as you give, so shall you receive…..
      Whatever I give to the Cosmos, good, bad, indifference, fear, happiness ~ then the Cosmos will give back to me, multiplied and magnified.
      Thanks Jan for reminding me of some things I said before ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I agree entirely! Words of wisdom!

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    1. Sometimes I get it right. 💖

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  3. Well written honest post. I find it easier to see the unhappy things too and forget about the small but happy and positive things.

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    1. Try seeing the glass helf-full instead of half empty ❤😎❤


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