Hobbies for Health

for me, saving the world and everyone in it is only a hobby

Now that I’m recovering from a bloody awful mental affliction, a good friend has suggested that I take up a hobby.  You know what?  After a moments reflection I decided that was a brilliant idea.  So I will take up a hobby.

But what is a hobby anyway?  Where do other ordinary normal day-to-day pursuits become hobbies?  And does a proper hobby have to be mostly harmless, inefficient, laborious, and useless?  I confess I googled hobbies and found a few incredibly long lists of hobbies, some of which activities I would have just taken to be everyday pursuits; like watching television.  No!

But I have a first stab at a short list of potential hobbies which may occupy my time, give me pleasure, be relaxing, and stop me having suicidal thoughts;

  • Art, and I mean doing it, most probably painting.  Thus far in my life the only things I’ve painted were walls, doors, cars, and boats.
  • Angling / Fishing.  I used to fish and gave it up because I felt sorry for anything I caught.
  • Calligraphy.  As it goes I have very good classical penmanship ~ but calligraphy takes that to a whole new level where writing in pen and ink becomes art.
  • Model making, although this seems a bit of a kids pastime.
  • Photography, which I already do a lot of but I could do more and do it better.
  • Reading.  I do a hell of a lot of that, but I’m certain there’s a way to turn casual reading into a constructive hobby.
  • Survivalist.  Not that I live in an earthquake zone, but add some of the other hobbies I’ve already thought about and I’m already a fair way to being a survivalist
  • Travel.  I love to travel, but is it a hobby for me, and could I turn it into one?  Maybe by mixing it with photography and writing.
  • Walking.  On average I walk 5 miles a day, but that’s not serious hobbyist walking.  More serious walking includes hiking, backpacking, and trekking.  So I have joined our local Ramblers Club, (how very English), who meet a couple of times a month and do some serious miles in all weathers.
  • Writing, and I already do some of that too, including being in a local writers group.

I’ve already realised that if you want your normal everyday activity to become a hobby you have to add a lot of time, money, and obsessiveness into the mix.  I can’t even turn my 5 miles a day walk into a hobby without buying a lot more expensive kit.

But, if you have any other ideas for a healthy, relaxing, challenging, difficult, self-improving activity, then please just tell me.


jack collier


also, I do like making practical things; such as this planter

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  1. Just do something new at least once a week or month …I think it’s refreshing;)

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    1. Thanks, that is a really good objective ❤


  2. I find it helps to look back and see what you enjoyed as a child as they tend to stick more. Me for instance, I write with sidelines of reading, painting, photography and watching historical, travel, art or architecture shows. I’ve been delving into religion too as that’s usual to help me understand the world we live in. I tried language as a hobby as I have unique neuronal wiring which causes communication issues. I used to have more speech issues than I do now due to practice. However the communication issues I have also cause social issues – joy.

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    1. Athena, that’s an insightful thought. Tonight maybe I’ll ask my Goddess to help me remember what I liked doing most when I was a child. Many of the things you enjoy are also my passions and pastimes today. My spirituality is a long way from what most would call a religion.
      Sweetheart you always give joy to me. ❤❤❤

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      1. At least your happy which is good. I like travel too but all my passions are introverted ones so I’m trying to find ones that are more extroverted. I’m better at karaoke than I used to be and marginally better at dancing and the languages was an attempt that utterly failed every time I tried to make use of it. Any ideas?

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        1. I was so introverted that I lived like a celibate recluse for several years, I can’t sing at all, and being English language skills do not come naturally. A friend has suggested I try expressive painting, and specifically find a class that teaches it so I can meet people too. ❤

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          1. I can’t sing either and language skills are something I don’t have either it would seem. Expressive painting and a class is a very good idea but don’t go to one that combines wine. There popular in the us right now.


  3. Gardening to go with your planter boxes! Go about building more things. Adventure into furniture making or cabinets. Hobbies don’t necessarily require huge amounts of money go into them. Time is more the issue. My brother-in-law is into building models. So not a kids activity!!! They range significantly in difficulty. Hell, you could build a kit car… life size, driveable car!

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    1. I’ve built a sports car from a kit, and drove it all over France.
      Oh, and I live in an apartment so no garden, but I have applied to rent an allotment.
      Maybe I’m more into hobbies than I thought.
      Hope you’re feeling better. 💖

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      1. It seems so. Hobbies are how you think about it more than what an activity really is, I think. Feeling a bit better today. Just have to stay really quiet and down or I’m worn out and my lungs hurt again. Nice day knitting. My favorite hobby. ;P

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        1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. 👅
          A long time ago I learned to knit. I was terrible.
          Stay quiet and relax Sweetheart ❤

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          1. Off to get meds and SLEEP. I’m tuckered out.

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  4. Learn a new language online. Perhaps Chinese or Korean?

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    1. That’ll not only be a new language, but new alphabet too. 😎


      1. LOL! True indeed or new strokes as chinese using strokes to write unless hanyu pin yin to text and convert to strokes

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        1. Maybe I’ll try to learn Chinese painting.


          1. Good choice…great brush strokes to learn. Have fun!


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