Desert Journey

the immense desert, empty and inspired with spiritual promises


Like many Englishmen, from that green and pleasant land, I have a strong personal affinity for the desert.  I like the high plains and the heat of Red Rock Country in the late summer.  There is a simplicity about the desert, you are either right or you’re in deep trouble, and there’s little ground in-between.

And now, when England cowers cold beneath our autumn mists and morning frost, I yearn to be back in the blazing sunshine and heat of California, New Mexico, Arizona, or Nevada.  Preferably on a long spontaneous road trip, driving a Mustang convertible with a cool lady riding shotgun.

Sweetheart, yes it’s true, I’m so happy to be stuck with you


jack collier

deep in red rock country

in that desert we pray to God

but we trust in ourselves as men


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