The Crime of Littering

willful asinine stupidity is a crime in youth

Out on my regular round I passed an expensive SUV parked-up by the side of the marina.  There was a self-satisfied young guy in the driver’s seat, and the passenger was an older woman.  They had the windows wound down and some god-awful music playing too loud.  As I watched the guy finished his burger, then his drink, and just dropped all the McDonald’s disgusting detritus out the window ~ deliberate littering on a major scale.  And they were parked just yards from a litter bin.  People like that disgust me.  Trash applies to the whole scenario.

Most places, this donkey-town included, also have a problem with purloined and dumped shopping carts.  What kind of destructive halfwit jerk goes to the trouble of stealing a shopping trolley, wheeling the damn thing half-a-mile, and then throwing it into the sea?

I’m afraid I am still very judgemental, and a prey to black and white thinking, because I would take a leaf out of the Singaporean criminal justice system and have people like the jerk in the SUV arrested and flogged.  Mindlessly anti-social behaviour such as stealing and dumping shopping carts in the dock would qualify for a spell in the chokey.

Some say that boys will be boys.  And it’s all just youthful high-spirits.  All I know is that some people aren’t worth the air they use up.


jack collier

what kind of jerk would leave that there?

a boozed-up jerk


11 responses

  1. Such a shame, we should care more.

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  2. I agree! I hate littering! I’m always picking up fast food cups and wrappers from my front garden.

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    1. Nobody should litter a mermaid’s garden. ❤

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  3. It never ceases to astound me just how lazy and entitled people are!

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    1. Never ceases to astound me just how bad some people are.

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      1. Couldn’t agree more!!!

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  4. Such a shame! I will never understand why people feel this desire of littering 😳

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    1. Utter laziness coupled with a sense of entitlement ~ perhaps.
      It’s beyond me.

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