Songs on Saturday ~ The Way It Is

it’s OK to have a life that nobody else understands

There’s something poignant about a solitary piano.  There’s something tragic about a man on his own, doing the best he can, and not always winning.

And so they said that to me; ‘hey little boy, you can’t do what they do, you will never make anything of yourself, you’ll never grow up to be anything, get a job…..’

I’d like to say that I showed them.  But sometimes they were right.  BPD can do that to you.


jack collier


hey little boy, that’s just the way it is

3 responses

  1. I have been there, people telling me what I cant do, because I am not smart enough, or pretty enough. They told me I could not raise draft horses, because I am a woman and am to week to do it. I had six of them I raised and trained myself for years, that was just the start of accomplishing everything they told me I could not do. You Sir, speak from your heart, I hear strength in your words. I have found my strength after 58 years of living. Never doubt the strength of your heart and spirit.

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    1. Thank you Sandra J.
      You walk the road less travelled in your heart and soul. But remember this, you need never be alone. ❤

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      1. So true Jack. I hear you. 🙂

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