Tunes on Tuesday ~ the Wolf

whether you’re a vampire or a werewolf, love is still love

They may be better known for taking their name from the cult movie Barbarella, but I still like this Duran Duran track.  It speaks to me.

In the past, my hunger for love has been far, far darker than the clean-cut, heroic, Indiana Jones image shown here.  Less Duran Duran, more MeatLoaf ~ but then, I once had a significantly dangerous side to my psyche.  BPD can do that to you.


jack collier

so will you give your heart to the wolf?


5 responses

  1. And if there’s no heart…hm, what is left to give lol

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    1. Maybe love is all the wolf truly needs? ❤❤❤

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      1. Sure. But…
        There’s no love in this World 🌎. At least not in the condition of the current world… it’s so screwed


  2. Jack you might be one of the ” lost boys, ” aka a vampire.

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    1. Vampires are too elegant ~ maybe I am more the werewolf type. Growllll ❤ 😉


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