Songs on Saturday ~ Decisions

Our decisions make us who and what we are ~ and who we will become.

Perhaps happiness isn’t for me. In my life I know that I have made 3 very bad decisions, but more often then not I made no real decisions at all.  I would just sit back and go with the flow, be a nice guy ~ perhaps say yes to often.  And all those times I said yes were like small pebbles being dropped onto the top of a mountain.  Eventually all those pebbles became the start of an avalanche which crushed me to death.  Happiness doesn’t seem to be around for me just now.


jack collier


am I happy?

I guess that would be a no.

So, I need to change something, probably me.

4 responses

  1. Jack have you figured it out yet?

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    1. No. But now I know what I don’t know. ❤


  2. The things I need to change are decisions I made long ago. Now I’m just maintaining for my kids.

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  3. I was just thinking the very same thing earlier this week.

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