Boat Trip

I don’t need therapy, I just need a boat trip

On a vacation in Turkey, on the Turquoise Coast, it’s de rigueur to take a boat trip, perhaps out to some of the island’s that carelessly rise from the pretty blue-green waters.  As it goes, today I am enjoying my second little-ship cruise around the tranquil Mediterranean.

This bit of coastline is sometimes called the Turkish Riviera, which is a misnomer, because it’s rugged, pretty, and charming in exactly the same way the French Riviera isn’t

Unless you are both antisocial and a very poor sailor these shortish boat trips are to be recommended as an interestingly different way to spend a day relaxing in the Mediterranean sunshine.  And getting around by boat is far, far more uplifting than visiting exactly the same places on a charabanc trip.

On top of which eating, drinking, dancing, and sunbathing are all actively encouraged on these excursion boats.

There was a little bit of a lop on the peaceful sea today, which made for an interesting ride and some white spray coming up at the bows of our boat.


Jack Collier

Sun, sea, but no sex please,

I’m an English Gentleman

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  1. I had forgotten you were on vacation. What a stunning spot, even if you do need to climb a million stairs to get to your room. (think of those legs..yummy!)
    Sunbathing on a boat, I bet that is a hundred times nicer than in a kayak! More room to spread out and no worries about tipping out. I love boats and water spray and water-

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    1. Sun, turquoise to deep blue Mediterranean, cooling breeze, tiny coves for swimming, lunch and drinks on the boat…. And, enough of a swell to make life interesting. Lunch and drinks on the boat. She was maybe a 60 footer, a dedicated tourist barge.
      I think you’d love it. 💖💖💖😎

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      1. One is supposed to have wanton desires..I have many, your vacation just added to them! :o) xoxoxoxo

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  2. Let me see if I can spell this right ” mirhaba, ” That’s how I remember saying Hi in Turkey

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    1. Or maybe merhabe? I think Turkish is damn difficult ❤


      1. I lived in Turkey for 16 months. It’s beautiful over there. Rich history, beautiful beaches. I know you are having fun

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  3. Love it! Awesome post 🛥️

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  4. What a beautiful place!

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    1. The Mediterranean is the perfectly beautiful place for a beautiful Mermaid Princess 💖💖💖

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