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he’s climbing a stairway to heaven

In my time travelling the world on business I stayed in some great hotels, (like The Plaza in Manhattan), some so so hotels, (like The Krazna Polski in Amsterdam), and some truly terrible hotels.  And yet, the hotels and motels I’ve stayed at on vacation come into an entirely surreal category all of their own.

I stayed in a castle in Tuscany one time, in the highest room, in the tallest tower, and that meant carrying my luggage up more than 100 steps to what was, admittedly a very nice suite with a spectacular view.  The porter was at least as old as the castle, there was no way he would make it up that winding staircase carrying my then memsahib’s suitcase.

The Golden Life Heights hotel in Oludeniz, Turkey, has more stairs than that.  From the lowest part of the garden, where my room is, up to reception there are exactly 144 steps / stairs.  Climbing that 8 or 10 times a day gets to be a drag.  As it goes, the room I’m in now is my 2nd here ~ the bathroom in the first offering was flooded, about a half-inch deep over the entire bathroom floor.

Despite my complaints I endured that flooded bathroom for 3 days until an e-mail to the tour company back in the UK got me a better room, with it’s own sun deck and a dry bathroom floor.

If you ever need to complain, don’t bother talking to the monkey, instead find the head organ-grinder.


When is comes to a surrealisticly terrible hotel, this one is in a class all of it’s own.

Although the pools are fabulous.


Jack Collier

the pools are the best things about this hotel.

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  1. Just think of all the exercise you are getting 🙂

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    1. Lots and lots of steps are good for a guy’s butt. 💖

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