A Multiplicity of Pubs

A good pub is a magical place, right up until someone gets drunk.

In an effort to keep fit and healthy I take a daily walk around this one-horse seaside town, and it occurred to me that I pass a lot of bars and pubs.  I said pass, in that I don’t go inside because I hardly ever drink these days.

Today I counted each and every pub and bar I walked past, and there were 37, and one lap dancing club.

That’s not counting the score or more of restaurants and diners who also sell alcohol.

I wondered how long it would take me to get through them all, if I stopped and had one drink in all the 37 pubs and bars I counted, plus the lap dancing club.  I’m guessing a week or so, and I’m guessing I’ll be in a hell of a state by the time I’m through.

Maybe I’ll miss out the LGBT bar ~ or maybe not, it might be fun in there.


jack collier



English pubs exist to sell beer.

7 responses

  1. Nice photos and great info. I wonder if this is in a tourist belt else how will each pub vie for a static number of pub crawlers!

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    1. Lots come here to drink and pick up a date.
      Me, I just went into the LGBT pub to people watch. ❤


      1. Ooh you are brave to venture into the LGBT pub! Did they object to you people watching. Sensitivity is something they value.

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        1. No, it was fine, obviously I am a gentleman 😎


          1. That you are!! 👍😃💕

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  2. I’ve actually never been in a bar/pub before and don’t drink either lol but your photos look beautiful. Well done! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, and good for you! ❤

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