The Stupidity of Keyless Cars

in America car crime is a depressingly common occurance

cars from the Honda group are the most targeted by thieves

If you own a keyless car, then any computer savvy thief can steal it in an instant.  Wireless key jamming techniques and other hacks allow chummy to be off on his toes with your motor in seconds, and the more high-tech your car, the easier it is to spoof its computers ~ supercars such as the Tesla are particularly vulnerable.

Conversely, older and more primitive cars which use proper door locks and an ignition key are more difficult to nick, needing some physical violence from the tea leaf, and enough electrical knowledge to hot-wire the thing.  And don’t think that locking your car in your garage makes it safe.  These days most garage doors are opened with a remote, and they are so easy to spoof it’s almost laughable.

What can one do to secure one’s car and make it more difficult to steal?  The #1 rule with any security is that it should be visible and physical, not electronic.  Physical security for a car is cheap and easy, if slightly inconvenient.  An old-fashioned crook lock or steering wheel lock can be bought for $30 or so, or if your car is going to be sitting parked for an extended period you could always buy yourself a Denver Boot, (vehicle wheel clamp).  Personally I always had a switch on the low tension lead, and if I was feeling paranoid I would pocket the rotor-arm.  (I always liked older sports cars.)

The top ten tips for protecting your car;

  1. Consider where you park
  2. Don’t leave stuff in sight in your car ~ your purse for example
  3. Fit a vehicle immobiliser
  4. Fit a car alarm
  5. Look after your keys ~ car thieves steal keys
  6. Protect your wheels ~ fit locking wheel nuts
  7. Get your windows etched
  8. Buy a steering wheel lock
  9. Get a car tracker
  10. Always, always physically lock your car

Your car still may get stolen, but if you’ve done all you can to protect it you may not feel quite so bad.  OK, you’ll still be shocked, but you might not feel stupid.

Keyless cars about as secure as contactless credit and debit card payments ~ and they are totally open to fraud.

Some say that they feel safe because they always lock their car.  And that their car will never be stolen because they never park on the street.  All I know is I had cars pinched three times, and I’m paranoid about security.


jack collier

the Tesla is a prime target for computer-savvy car thieves

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  1. Lucky me I can’t afford a Teslar right now lol

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