Spirituality on Sunday

to walk the warriors path is to continually step out into the unknown

For years my life was based on self-belief, selfishness, and instant gratification.  I was a one-dimensional man, and deep down I was always afraid.  I went to church but I had no belief, I was married but there was no love, I was successful but all that gave me was money.

When we as human beings are disconnected from our true selves we place ourselves in a perilous position.  Our sense of identity becomes lost and we are prey to evils from within and without ~ anger, arrogance, envy, fear, greed, jealousy, lust, paranoia…..  There is no inner peace and little joy in our lives.  We act without thought for others, and we react to real or perceived attacks and slights with anger and extreme verbal or written or even physical aggression.  There is no real love in our lives, either for ourselves or for other people.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.  ~  the Buddha

Without spirituality, without a belief in a power outside of ourselves, outside of that which we can explain through modern science, we do not live, we just exist.  This leads to serious physical, mental, and emotional problems and illnesses.  Alcoholism, explosive anger, drug addiction, gambling, infidelity, inappropriate casual sex, lust, resentments, narcissism, self-doubt, paranoia, fear, cowardice…..  It is not by chance that the second step of 12-step recovery programs is; Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Accepting that there is a Power greater than ourselves is the beginning of spirituality, the beginning of a real connection with our true selves.  Spirituality means evolving our consciousness, and at each level of evolution we react to the Cosmos in different ways.  Most people are driven by what is happening in the world outside them, some shape their lives to live in the world they choose, and a very few change themselves by looking at the world inside themselves.  Extraordinary people learn to reshape themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally ~ learning inner peace, true happiness, and how to love themselves and others.

There are three principles to reaching inner peace, knowing our true selves, and spirituality;

  • associate with like-minded people, people who strengthen us. avoid toxic people and toxic relationships
  • put aside time every day to make and strengthen the connection with our true selves. rest, meditate, harmonise your heart and brain
  • transform our character; turn arrogance into humility, hate into love, paranoia into trust

Some say that there is no God, no Higher Power, nothing greater than man and science.  And that Spirituality ranks alongside Magic, Sorcery, and the belief in a Flat Earth for stupidity.  All I know is that a Power greater than myself restored me to sanity.


jack collier



My own mind was a prison


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  1. I think it’s shows that your human by having a big philosophical article about peace, love and how your getting spiritual yet end with a woman in s and m gear to show you still have some way to go. You are a man after all.

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    1. I am a man who learns.
      I have changed that.

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  2. Thank goodness you were open to tuning into your true power❤️ lovely article, much love Barbara x

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    1. Thanks Barbara. Love and warm thoughts to you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Jack my ex has all your passed qualities, hate,drinking,paranoia,explosive anger, yet he does not see any of it. All his problems he justifies when he drinks. Yes he is an alcoholic a mean drunk. I would not care so much but we share 2 kids. Which in his eye allows him to show up anytime he wants to and pretend to want to see the kids. It’s really just to see have I moved on. I guess my question is at what age did you find your sanity? I like reading your post like this.

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    1. Sweetheart, I have been struggling with my personality disorder for years, and little by little I learn more and make some progress. This Borderline Personality Disorder explains a lot, including why I retreated to the bottle from time to time. Each day I do a more work on myself, and each day I can see a tiny improvement. I am seeing my doctor this week to talk about finding more support, and in the meantime I find that youtube, soundcloud, and medcircle.com have a lot of useful stuff on psychology and living with serious character defects.
      Love and hugs to you. Be strong Sweetheart ❤ ❤ ❤

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