Anxiety and Insomnia

I’ve never heard of a cat that suffered from insomnia.

But, then again, I’ve never heard of a cat that suffered from anxiety, depression, and a total lack of self-confidence.

Given that it’s two o’clock in the morning here in England, and I’m awake writing this blog, you might say that I’m suffering from insomnia.

As it goes, I haven’t slept well since the garret was broken into and I had some important stuff stolen.  Having your home burgled is a much more upsetting experience that I thought it could be, until it happened to me.

I need to find a way of working through all this.


jack collier

staring at a log fire doesn’t count as insomnia among cool cats

6 responses

  1. Understandable as your safe zone has been encroached. Stay focused and you will have strength to overcome. 💕🌹🤗

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    1. You are both wise and strong in spirit. ❤❤❤


  2. You’ve been violated. We all process our violations differently. We don’t just get over things because we think, or are told, we should. Please give yourself the grace you would have given me when I was violated. Sending comforting hugs.

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    1. Thanks Miss, I will always give you grace and love. 💖💖💖


  3. It’s going to take some time. As for me, when it happened to me 10 years ago, I still think about it now. But not as much.

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    1. I hope that we both get much better real soon 😐❤


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