Stress and Anxiety

stress affects different people in different ways

Today I realised that since I was burgled and robbed a little while ago I have been suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety.  Locked in the nightmare prison of my own subconscious mind.

The physical symptoms are shaking hands, shortness of breath, headache, and nosebleeds.  Fairly unpleasant.  But, actually, the mental and spiritual symptoms are worse ~ bad dreams for example.

It’s going to be difficult for me ever to be confident enough to trust anyone again.

I need to work on that.


jack collier


Where was a proper English Bobby when I really needed one?


9 responses

  1. Yeah I feel you man. Take care.

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  2. Ay nice blog bro!! I deal with anxiety on a daily basis and it is difficult as a guy because people often tell me to “man up”. I recently started my own blog to try to portray this message, and how anxiety doesn’t have to hold you back! Sending you all the best jack ❤

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    1. People who don’t understand will say the stupidest things, even though they are trying to be helpful. 😉

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  3. It is disheartening how it digs in and won’t let go. I wish you healing & peace. 🙂

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    1. Sending you Healing and Peaceful thoughts 💖


  4. You will be victorious, Jack. Sending healing energy!

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    1. Thank you Mermaid ❤

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  5. That’s understandable. I’ve been having driving anxiety ever since someone hit me on the freeway and left the scene three years ago.

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    1. I certain that we will both get over our anxieties, given just a little time. 💖💖😎

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