Police Witness

some say that crime does not pay

After I was burgled just a while ago, I’ve had to spend three hours at the police station ~ witness statement, victim statement, and going through about 20 pages of supporting documentation.

The police are optimistic of finding the criminals from CCTV footage when they used my credit cards ~ and then I’ll have to testify in court.

I’m a bit stressed, tired and depressed this afternoon.


Jack Collier


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  1. It is always such a victimization to have your things stolen. What many don’t get is it is actually two degrees of victimization. First the act itself. Second the expectations set up by the legal system to try and seek justice for the first. Prayers to you in this time of grief.

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    1. It’s all been a much more upsetting set of experiences than I could have thought possible.

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  2. How awful!!! I’m so very sorry this happened, Jack. I hope they catch the thieves and that you get back everything that was taken. 😥 Hugs. ❤

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  3. So sorry to hear this happened. A terrible violation!

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  4. Sending healing energy!

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  5. Feel strength if you get to hold that scum accountable for their complete lack of character. Their parents didn’t do their job.

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    1. These people are evil and violent.

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      1. I should feel sorry for them, because they are obviously hurting somehow, but I just can’t. I’m sad a lot and would NEVER steal from someone.

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  6. Ok let’s look at the bright side of this. They actually found the guys that stole from you. That doesn’t normally happens in America. They ask you what was stolen, then they put it in their report. Tell you where you can get a copy of the report so you can file it through your insurance companies. You sir can look these thieves in the face. Try not to be depressed it solves nothing. You will be able to go home after everything,if justice is served,they want. That should make you smile

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  7. Sending good energy and empathy your way …

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  8. Awww I feel your pain. :/ I hope the police catch the criminals for you soon, but I understand the patience you must need to go through all these long processes. Hope the day gets better for you!

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